Happy Birthday // Today I am 24

Twenty four years ago +1 day my mother was in labor, on her birthday (Dec. 14th) delivering me into the world on December 15, 1987.  She was 27 years old.  I have always thought it was cool that my Mother & I had birthdays only a day apart & how funny it was that I decide to hold out until 1am on Dec 15th so that I could have my own birthday.

My favorite part of having a December birthday is that Christmas is right around the corner.  Trees are already up, lights are lit, shopping is being done, & the world is just filled with cheer.

I am not sure what I thought I'd be doing by now when I was little.  Hell I am not even sure what I thought I'd be doing here a year ago.  It seems so many things have happened so fast: College, graduating, finding a job, moving out, gaining a boyfriend, etc.  Spending the 1st six months post grad has been crazy & now, knowing that a year ago today I was probably finishing up finals or something, it is so weird to be out of school.

Anyway, I also like to take my birthday & celebrate the people that made my birthday possible:

top left :: dad  top right :: mom
bottom left :: maternal Grandma  bottom right :: paternal Grandma & I

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