Fan Fridays // Holiday Season

I am so excited the holidays are growing near!! I love Christmas time, it is one of my favorite times of the year. I've mentioned that about 231684 times on this blog this month alone!

Any holiday that involves glitter makes the holiday even better.  Glitter goes with any holiday, but Halloween & Christmas take the cake. Any decor, ornaments, wrapping paper, or even gift that has glitter makes me squeal. I am sure if you covered a dollar store something-or-other in glitter & gave it to me as a present, I would cherish it.  Glitter = Awesome.

So this Fan Friday I am hearting all the glitter that is this Holiday Season:

this awesome glitter house that reminds me of my Grandparents' home around the holidays
be sure to click through to see the awesome tutorial!

If life ever hands you accidentally broken glass ornaments, turn them into glitter!
Read the story here & check out the great tutorial!

I've always loved this great take on glitter ornaments in non-traditional colors for Christmas.
Peep the tutorial here

Glitter just gets me going! I'd put it on everything if they'd let me.  My room mate complained after I showed him his gifts (along with everyone else's) were wrapped in glitter paper.  He didn't want to get gold flecks all over his nice boy stuff.

I also had to try to figure out my student loans this morning....talk about a hassle.  And I thought the studying & projects were the hardest part about college.  I was wrong, it's the fact that one company sells your loans to another company and now you have 203857203 companies you have to pay so they don't take your first born child!  Gah! Hopefully I will have a few small ones paid off soon....but I'll be feeding Uncle Same some dough for quite a while.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Do you have the glitter bug?  Or do you just hate the stuff?

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