Dorm Dec Wednesdays // Great & Real House Tour

I am always inspired by people who live in eclectic & totally DIYed/thrifted homes.  It's hard living in a place with other people especially when we each have different views on home decor.  I may have mentioned it before, but my room mate & I are oh-so-totally different when it comes to home decor.  I am totally kitsch/glam/knick-knack/tacky/vintage & she is miss match-the-curtains-to-the-couch-and-the-pillows-too let's-not-have-too-many-colors-going-on-here.  My boyfriend is also this way.  If we ever end up in a house together (waayyy down the line, I might add) I don't know what I am going to do.

In college, my room mate's loved my eclectic boho-chic kitschy style.  I've seen that growing up & moving out doesn't really jive with my home decor choices.  My room is a burst of crazy (yet perfectly cohesive & oh-so moe-licious) while in the common rooms of the house I have to sneak in some toned down pieces of mine.  Little do they know that the brushed gold 12" gnome I just bought will be gracing the living room's presence shortly!

Also, I think I've made up too many words.

While perusing the oh so lovely YouTube, I came upon this great house tour by Mr. Kate.  Not only is she a DIY diva, she just happens to have a totally chic & affordable home.  Hell, she has a totally chic & affordable lifestyle!

Peep the video to see how cool she is:

I love how she mentions that she loves cheap clothes because I live off of Thrift stores, Clearance, Forever21, etc.  Your life can be so sweet even on the cheap!

What are your fave parts of your home? Do you have trouble decorating your home?

P.S. It's also my mother's birthday today!  And mine is tomorrow! I'll be 24.

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