Would You Rather // Jail or Car

The lovey blogger behind the Curious Pug has started a great new blog feature called Would You Rather.  These games are so fun to play & my friends in college used to pull out the book (I think we had a book) with these questions to ponder on lazy Sunday afternoons.

This week, Alycia asked: Would you rather 1. Go to jail for a year or 2. Live out of your car for a year.

Rules are: You have to pick one & No changing circumstances.

So, my answer is live out of my car for a year.

Right now I am at a good spot because I still have a sleeping bag & small tent from camping a few months ago in my car!  But in all seriousness, I chose this one because of where I am in life right now.  Right now I could afford to drop everything for a year and live out of my car.

If right now someone said "You have to choose right now: jail or car" I'd totally be able to choose car.

I came out of college with quite a little bit saved up to start my life & I'd feel totally comfortable walking out of my job today, filling up my tank & driving wherever it would take me.  I think I could afford to make at least one trip across the US.  Stopping at campgrounds, staying a few weeks in a few places, etc.  In fact, my room mate told me of how her father (before she was born) spent a year traveling across the US.  He'd hide is money in his boots, hitch rides, and do odd jobs.  He relied on the kindness of others when stopping in diners & moving through towns.  That was a much safer time of course....and it may be a little idealistic, but I'd like to do it.

I've been inspired by the trip that Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky took in 2010 and after going to Italy last year I decide that I'd like to see the US before I headed back to Europe.

It's a small feat, but I think it would be something I could do.

So, which would you rather? Play along & link up here!

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  1. just found your blog from the would you rather - and i'd rather live out of a car too :)

    and whatever doubt i had - that picture just erased...i almost WANT to go live out of a car now :)

    oh and i'm your newest follower!


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