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Last year for Christmas (2010) I asked for a load of creative & crafty books.  I mentioned before flipping through them & flagging some pages but then I just put them back on the self.

Lately I've been super inspired to make somethings & can't wait to get back into the groove.  I can't decide if I should clean up the spare room & craft in there or just wait it out & craft all over the house!  I thought getting out of my parent's house & into a house of my own (or a place of my own) would help with the creative process.  Little did I know that renting from people & not from a college means that things rarely get finished on time and hassles are around every corner.

My room is too small, we still haven't unpacked, we all have too many things, etc, etc.  I think Katie & I are looking at moving into a real house.  A big house.  A house where we can actually store things.  One with a garage.  One we can actually make in!

My pinterest boards are filled with creative things & my blogger dashboard is just over loaded with DIY inspiration.  I want to share what I can make!  I want to inspire others to make!

These books are some of the greatest.  I also have Big Ass Book of Home Decor that seemed to be MIA while I gathered the books to photograph.  Here are some pages I'd flagged last year:

this monoprinting I actually did while in a print class in college.  I'd bookmarked it to try at home but then took a class.  Being away from college has really made me want to get back into experimenting with printmaking!
You've already seen this image & heard my plans in this Dorm Dec Wednesday Post

My hands are just itching to create! As I sit & write this (at work, shhhh!) I am feeling so inspired.  My little notebook of ideas is no where near me though because I haven't been carrying a purse! I need to get back on that otherwise my brain may explode!

I am also inspired by all of this color to get back into opening an art & decor section to the shop.  I've been slacking so bad lately.  

How do you stay inspired? What motivates you? How do you get out of a rut? Let me know!!

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