Sum Up Sunday // Week in Review

I really like doing these week in review posts.  I like to see what I accomplished this week & it's a little bookmark for me!!!  September was a good month.  A load of things happend over here on Five Sixteenths including that it's now it's own .com. Isn't that pretty cool? www.fivesixteenthsblog.com  I am very proud of this.

Many of the September goals were met & October goals were posted.  This weekend was supposed to be about sewing by it got really cool (yay fall!) so I spent the weekend curled up in handmade blankets & sipping hot chocolate trying to watch Felicity.

- Thrifted some awesome leather shoes 'handmade' in Italy that are a half size too small for $4.  they are a 39.5 & my big ol feet need at 40.  But I can still wear them....a bit.  I wish they were bigger to wear with socks during the winter. Who knows, perhaps they'll go in shop my closet sometime.
- Had some lovely puppy cuddle time before the weekend.  He has to go to the vet because he got cherry eye (?) I've never seen a dog have it before.
- Spruced up the bar for the fall with a great little tray.  Read about my love of home bars here.
- Broke out a little bit of fall with mocassin booties & new (& fave) thrifted bag.

Other things:
- DIY fabric spine notebook on Make it Monday
- Welcoming October Sponsors
- October Blog goals.

Today I am doing laundry in a home with no dryer.  We haven't had a dryer since we moved in & our landlord's keep giving us the run around because they are getting it too (apparently).  So my house looks like this:

There is no more room to hang on door ways & door knobs, etc.  I have like 7 loads of laundry (gross right) because of this.  I refuse to spend money on a damn laundry mat since I signed a lease saying I'd have a dryer.  So, we shall see.

What did you do this week?

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