What I Wore // 10-03-11

For the life of me I can not take outfit photos! They all stink! I think sometimes they come out slightly better on my iPhone than my DSLR.  I feel like an idiot when it comes to taking outfit photos because any other shot is gorgeous with my DSLR but self portraits? No way!

Anyway, here is the most adorable dress I've thrifted so far:

I mean look at that collar! The bottom corner shot are some pillow cases I thrifted for my October Bed
(which I haven't put together since some of the sheets are still hanging up to dry! Hopefully I'll get it made up soon!)

Smock Dress :: Thrifted
Cardigan & Belt :: JCP Clearance
Tights :: I don't remember (whoops!)
Scarf :: Thrifted
Not seen :: My new fave & thrifted clogs!
(check out Susannabean's tutorial. Sponsor Maryam from Pamplemousse1983 styled her's on Instagram!)

It is a plain ol' denim jumper looking thing.  A cute little smock dress with the most lovely collar.  I fell in love when I found it at Good Will.  I am so happy that I am able to add functional pieces to my wardrobe.  I've always said I wanted a wardrobe that was 50% or higher thrifted items.

This was the first real day of Fall here in my little place.  I even wore a jacket this morning! I can't believe how chilly it's gotten & am so happy that it has because now I can bust out the slippers & hot cocoa.

It's the beginning of the three best months of the year!

What do you do to celebrate the coming of cooler months?
Any little dances or decor you get excited to break out?

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