Dorm Dec Wednesday // Back Yard Theatre

When I went to college my parents bought a big projector for the living room.  Lame, right? I went off to college & now they can watch movies on a big screen? Any way, since they got it I've always wanted to set it up in the back yard, pop some pop-corn, & settle in to watch a movie.

I've only ever been to one drive in theater & I loved it! I love the idea of making a great big family movie night with blankets & lanterns in the back yard.  The weather has been perfect at night the past few weeks for this.  Perhaps I can convince them to let me borrow it for a little while & throw my own movie party!

I've been seeing a lot of these backyard movie ideas floating around on pinterest & I thought I'd share a few of my fave ideas!

I love the lantern idea in this one! Lights up the space just enough to see around but not too much to distract from the movie.  If you had a pretty flat house you wouldn't even need a sheet! My parents have a movie screen, but I think I'd get a sheet anyway...I like my movies big!

This one just screams lovely party.  Gathering up your friends to watch an old movie, perhaps even a double feature! I love the popcorn bowls & lounging cushions.  This would be a great birthday party, anniversary celebration, or family get together.  I remember ages ago when my grandfather brought out the old slide projector & we all gathered to look at slides from when my grandparents were stationed in Paris, France.  It was super cool to see my dad & aunts as kids...and even greater to realize how much I indeed look like my grandma!  This is one of my favorite memories!

When I saw this one I instantly thought of a wedding! How awesome would it be to have a little part of the reception where you & your guests watched video from loved one's weddings, childhood memories caught on film by proud parents, or even a slide show of how you & husband or wife grew up and grew to love each other.  Pair it with a romantic soundtrack & you will have everyone in tears! I think this is the perfect idea for a small, down home wedding!

Have you ever been to a drive in movie? 
Any late night double features?

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  1. We've done this a couple times and it is awesome. I love it.


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