Fan Fridays // Unexpected Turn of Events

I want to apologize for my blogging hiatus this past week or so.  You may remember the post about this delicious lunch someone cooked for me on Columbus day.  Well I am here to announce that the wonderful gentleman who made that meal for me is now my boyfriend.  He & I are now 'going steady'.  In fact, it was those words 'Do you want to go steady' that he asked me last Saturday night.  No one has ever been that sweet.  If it was 1953, I'd be wearing his ring, letter jacket, & we'd be going to prom. Which, thinking about it, would be nice. :)

He makes me dinner, he makes me laugh, he has beautiful silver-blue eyes & dark hair, he is taller than me, he is smart as anything, he is dreamy, he is old school, he loves Pixar & the history channel, he is camera shy, he makes me want to dance to groovy songs.  Pretty much I am smitten.

So, to think that three weeks ago I wasn't thinking of anyone else, there was no one in my life.  Now this man is here, holding my hand, making me dinner, & taking me to the movies.  Talk about an unexpected turn of events.  I hope to get a picture to introduce him here.

So, what else am I loving this Friday? I'll let you know:

this graphic is how I've felt forever & what I like to remind people of

These gorgeous bridesmaids dresses.  I love the style & the color!

these great boots! I wonder if I can DIY a pair?
I also love the boots/tights combo.  Man I am a sucker for Fall!

Other Faves:
My She & Him Pandora Radio station that also plays the Weepies
the Flaming Lips (which actually came to my home town recently), & other awesomeness!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dancing to songs that just sound a little bit better now that I am holding someones hand.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The fact that Halloween is just around the corner & next is Thanksgiving
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I also have a wonderful movie + dinner date planned for tonight if he doesn't have to work too late.  We've got some weird schedules going on.  It's also weird to date as an adult.  When discussing our horrible schedules & that we don't see each other that much right now, he mentioned that 'seeing each other for only a few hours a night is not like going to the movies or loitering at the mall when you are 15.'

What are you loving this Friday?
Any plans for the weekend?

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