What I Wore // 9-6-2011

So it's back to the office for me! It was warm here today when I was getting ready.  I opened the door to let the little puppy out & was hit with a heat wave.  Fall seemed to be on its way but perhaps it got lost somewhere.

Fall is so great for many reasons, mainly because I get to wear layers without melting, but also because its a nice earthy season.  I think its the only season where you don't complain about the weather.  It's really never too this or too that for me.  Fall pretty much eases nicely into winter.  Fall is a time of reflection, of relaxation, & of winding down.  Even the trees take a break & shed their leaves.

The only thing that I think I may miss this fall is seeing the leaves turn on campus.  The reds, oranges, & golds are so beautiful on Fall trees.

Any way, since it was a bit warmer & since this is probably the last time I can wear these shoes I thought I'd keep up with a little floral from pre-Labor Day:

Today I did a load of things at work! Filed, mailed, organized, faxed.  Am I the only one who feels like being a Secretary/Office Manager/Administrative Assistant is like playing office all day?  I have so much fun doing this & doing that, etc.  The best part though is getting to use my major & feel for design to make things for the school.  Best part ever!

Also, I really need to find a better way to take outfit photos.  Setting up my tripod & doing all that nonsense just makes me not want to take them.  My iPhone is great for blogging but not great for mirror pictures!  I just want a boyfriend who will take pictures of me for my blog.  Is that too much to ask?

Hope your Tuesday back to the grind went swell! Only 3 more days til the weekend!


  1. Hi! Came across your blog through FTLOB. I'm loving button up skirts these days, and yours is very cute!

  2. i can't wait for fall too! living in california i really miss the change of seasons. its nice to live in constant spring/summer but after a while i want a reason to stay indoors and not feel guilty about it kwim? lol


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