Tempted Tuesdays // Let's Talk Fall - Statements

Being bold is important to me in fashion.  Being unique is also important.  Which is why I wanted to mention that it's important to keep to your own style when moving through seasons.

Why not keep the boho & gypsy look through out the fall with statement pieces like layers of bangles, watches & rings?


I am totally into gold right now.  Since I love layers, layering jewelry is just right!  Rings are my style & bracelets but layering necklaces look great.  

I can't wait to start layering everything!  Its still warm here, I let the puppy out this morning & was struck by a humid heat wave.  The nights may be cooler but the days are still pretty warm.  We just got a back patio set so it's going to be nice to sit in come cooler weather.

How was your Labor Day? Anything exciting happen?

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