What I Wore :: Beach Days

This past Labor Day (as you know) was spent lake side with the family.  I like to channel vintage silhouettes in my swim wear & I get so stoked when I get to wear my vintage inspired outfit out on the water.

I've lost the sources for these, please let me know if you know where these are from!

These ladies look darling catching some rays, having fun in the sun, all around looking gorgeous, etc.  Here's mine:

Swimsuit :: Targe (I think!)
Sunnies :: Big Lots
Sandals :: Rack Room Shoes

I've also found a great site with some information on swim suit history.  I am not quite sure if my suit qualifies as an 'apron cut' but this is my favorite style.  I don't think swim suits are too modest but this type is the most modest.

How was your Labor Day?

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  1. i actually love what theyre wearing in these pictures! i;d happily wear them to the beach today!its great especially for people who dont feel so comfortable strutting round in a bikini! i love this!


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