Dorm Dec Wednesdays // Bedroom Love

So we've been out of a dryer for over a month now.  My room is filled with clothes that need to be washed, but with the hurricane & rain over the last few days my back yard is no place to hang clothes to dry.  I may start to hang them all over the house because I need to do laundry!

I also need to flat out straighten up the house.  Not only does my room need some TLC but my new little studio does too.  There is some camping gear in there, some random boxes of things.  You name it, it's probably in there.  

I hope this bedroom inspiration gives me the kick to get some things done while my room mates are still on their honey moon:

I love the tapestry & the pendant light.
I do have a tapestry hanging over the back of my bed.  I got it at a booth while in college.
I may make it a bit more grown up though by attaching it to a dowel like in this picture.
It looks so much better!

I can't stand how great this is!
I might rough up the edges of my white dresser though I haven't had time (nor the energy) to do so.
Perhaps I'll get some good shots of my room in tonight around the cleaning & organizing!

Am I the only one who's house seems to be in disarray all the time? I feel like everyone gets these gorgeous photos of their houses, etc & really you are lucky if there isn't a freaking pile of laundry in my outfit shots! (which I need to add more of!)

I am a horribly messy person, honestly.  But it is a good mess...it's not like I have a bunch of dishes or food or gross stuff you'd see on hoarders laying around.  I just think the floor is the biggest shelf in your house.  Too far? Perhaps.

I really need to get into a routine with cleaning.  I've been trying to do that with every Monday being laundry day & what not, but it really sucks when you don't have a dryer.  I just need to do a little tidying every night. I really hate unorganized clutter but it seems to follow me where ever I go!

How do you deal with organization & cleaning?
Do you use anything to inspire you?

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