What I Wore // 9.8.11

Today was a quazi busy day at the office.  I had new student paperwork to put away, had to contact a few people interested, had to type up some documents, fold some brochures, make some appointments, change some ink.  It was a typical Office Management day.

I really like my job as a secretary/office manager/admin assistant.  It is fun, it's not too hard, I get to meet interesting people, I get to learn things, I get to make things, I get to have my own desk.  That last part is really important!

Having a desk is like a status symbol.  It means you've made it.  While I agree that 'making it' has it's own meaning for others, I really like office work.  Working in an office makes me feel important to the grand scheme of things....also, I can be creative with out pressure outside of work & I can separate what I like to do from what I have to do.

Going to work is fun & totally different from what I'd like to do.  I like to have a job where I don't really have to think about work because I like to blog, crochet, run my shop....I like to do other things that worry about work all the time.  I've worked my fair share of shitty jobs & I am very thankful for the one I have.

I like to ascribe to the view that one should be able to have a job he likes & be able to live off of that.  I will continue to feel this way, I hope, for a long time.  Optimism is good for the soul.

At any rate, here is what I wore today:
Shoes :: Khol's Clearance
Shirt :: JCP Clearance
Cardigan :: H&M
Necklace :: Grandmothers
Bracelets :: Italy & Claire's
Earrings :: Claire's
Jeans :: F21 Plus

Speaking of jobs, I recently tried to get back to working at Icing/Claire's & am having the hardest luck.  They need me, they don't need me, They need me....who knows!  I went in for an interview the other day & she said she had to hire an assistant.  C'mon! I love working there, hire me!  I mentioned the holidays are coming & that I'd love to be considered.  We'll see how it goes......

Otherwise, I am going thrifting tonight.  Hoping I can find some jewels out there.  I am thinking of adding some other items to the shop when I release some in Mid September (it's approaching!!) & I am heading out to thrift to try my had at what I am thinking.

Which reminds me, I need to share somethings on my Thrift List that I've found!

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  1. oh MYYY! SO pretty! Lovin the outfit, lovin the hair! Too cute, missy. :)


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