What I Wore :: Office Style 8/19

So don't make fun of me....but the lighting in the bathroom at my office is the best lighting ever.  Now if only I could not be in a bathroom taking these pictures.  The blue walls are too cute & I love them behind me.

This is what I wore this past Friday to work.  Friday's are pretty slow around these parts & often times to pass the day I will look at other blogs or find little bits to organize.  When I first started here I organized everything in a day so I knew where everything was.  I went through all the student folders & made checklists, familiarized my self with names, & hunted around for a little to do & done box I could use.

In the next weeks I created a new catalog for the school, created a new brochure, & I just finished up teaching a resume class.  I've had a blast.  I love being able to dress cute for the office.

Students are usually in and out Monday - Thursday but there aren't any classes on Fridays so I finish up all the work I didn't get to do during the week.  Some days here there is absolutely nothing to do.  Other days I am swamped.  Some days 5pm can't get here fast enough (mainly Fridays) & other days I am leaving at 5.15 because I had no idea what the time was.

Its been a fun-tastic ride & I can't wait to keep on keeping on.

Cropped Sweater & Tank :: TJ Maxx
Belt :: JCP Dress
Shoes & Skirt :: Thrifted
Ring & Earrings :: Claire's
Bracelets :: Italy, Claire's, Handmade
Watch :: Target

My fave part about this outfit is the skirt.  These type of quasi maxi skirts really tickle my fancy.  All of my skirts are like this.  I love the way they make my shape look & for the most part I think they make me look more pear shaped. If I have to describe my shape I would say triangle.  Sometimes if I wear straight legged or skinny jeans I just look like a triangle.  My shoulders are very wide & then all the proportions just shrink from there.  So if I wear shoulder pads & skinny jeans a geometry student can find my area I am sure.

On a side note, I think I am going to try to get some new glasses.  I've had these for over 4 years because I can't afford new pairs but perhaps my budgeted spending for shopping will go toward some new glasses.  I will probably order them online since I know you can get them totally cheap.  I also want (there's that word again...) some Rx sunglasses.  My contacts just aren't working with my eyes any more but I still want to look super fly.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend!

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