Sum Up Sunday :: Week in Review

Good morning! After posting some iPhone apps I love on Friday, I decided to try to start using PicFrame in blogging.  My outfit post yesterday was done in PicFrame & my Sum up post today is too.

Call me weird, but I really like technology & I really like seeing what my iPhone can do for me.  I really like all the accessibilities of the apps.  At the touch of a finger I can be connected to friend, or to news around the world.  It is a good thing I am very picky about games, rarely use Facebook, & really love my camera apps because I spend a lot of time learning.  I can check google news with out leaving bed to get my macbook (which I guess is inherently lazy...) which I never did before unless at work.

Anyway, week in review:

Visited my parents & the dog Rudy
Went shopping with the Sis where we saw J Biebs
Hot Rolled my hair by myself
Tried on some neon yellow & pink crackle nail polish

Waited for 5pm to come around
Reviewed the Icing nail polish on est. 1839 :: Fashion for Less
Drank some tea at my desk & am still very excited to say it
sautéed some delish pepers & onions

Thrifted Red shoes that I am still in love with
Didn't want to get up on a Saturday morning
Bits around my home

Today is the day we try the new little puppy out on my Grandparents.  I am keeping him while my room mates are on their honeymoon & over that time I want to go visit my family at the Lake.  So I need to bring him....but I need to convince my grandparents that he is well behaved enough to come.

I am not to worried.

How was your week?

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