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So I got an iPhone (hooray!) I can afford it because I've persuade my family to keep me on the plan & I pay the difference.  Therefore I have my plan for 1/3 the price of one on my own.  I suggest if you are a college grad to try to convince your parents to keep you on their phone plan.  Of course you want to pay for your part of it, but if you want a new phone you will probably be able to afford it.  Even if you don't want a new phone then you have the opportunity to save at least $40 a month.

So that's how I scored my iPhone for $40 bucks a month.  That's right $40 bucks! My grandmother did a lot for me after graduation (and while I was growing up) & bought me the phone as a gift.  Since I am on her plan I told her that I can afford to pay her for my part of it.  There is no need I should leave that responsibility right?  I have been lucky enough to have a supportive family willing to help my dreams come true, to help me out, & assist me through college.  It's time (if I could afford it) to move out on my own, get a job, & pay for what I need to pay for.  Millions of people do it all the time right?

Anyway, the point of this post is to share some iPhone apps that I am in love with.  First let me show you the second screen of my phone:

That's right, all camera apps.  Some of these I don't even use & this little review will give me an excuse to move the ones I don't use out of the way! The top five that I use all the time are

Instagram is wonderful because it is a social networking site like twitter.  You can follow feeds, connect with friends, & see things from around the world.  I also like it because it can connect to twitter & tumblr and I am really into keeping photo diaries now that I have it!  You can also configure it to an email address which is perfect for straight to blogger posts.  I haven't done this yet because I've never emailed a blog post.

I love the filters.  The standard one I go to is Earlybird.  But the frames & filters, across the board, are neat.  I've seen a lot of great photos with every one!

Sometimes though, I just want to have the instagram effect & not post it to the web. I don't think there is an option to do this however.  I love to see what my bloggy friends are up to & meet new people with the same aesthetic as I.

When I wake up in the morning Twitter, Facebook, email, news & Instagram are the things I check.
This is a perfect app to wake up to!


I only bought these other apps because I had like $60 in iTunes gift cards from Christmas' gone by. Needing to use them, I thought I'd explore some camera apps.  I am glad I did because this next one is my favorite to play around with when I am bored.  If I am just watching tv or waiting around I pull up PictureShow & play with all the filters.

I like this one because like instagram you don't have to deal with live photos.  You can import them from your photo library or camera roll.  You don't have to hold it up & take pictures. I mainly use the iPhone camera app that is loaded on the phone when you get it to take pictures then edit them in other programs.  PictureShow lets you scroll through & randomize filters so you never know what you may get.  There is a way to do it more predictable but I really like the random effect.  So I'll have a load of the same photos  saved but with different filters because they just keep getting better.

My fave part about this one is the publish on blogger option.  It doesn't really work the best, but you can open up a new post, give it a title, & write the body of the post.  This way though doesn't center the image when you post it & for some reason the autocorrect & auto capitalize functions don't work.  So if I ever post something that makes no sense its for that reason!  Also, you can't rotate the phone horizontally & have the key board follow.  Which makes it  a whole lot harder to type on & causes way more errors.  I like the filters though.  The possibilities are endless!


Instaplus is the best add on app for Instagram! Sometimes it doesn't work (I've had to re-install
it a few times) & for that I think $1.99 is a bit too much (.99 or free would be better!).
But if you have a lot of gift cards like me & won't miss that 1.99, I suggest it.
This is another one I go to to play with a lot. The filters & frames are independent from each other
in Instaplus & you can mix and match.  The problem I have is that when I go to select a frame
(the second step) my image doesn't show up.  Which gets frustrating.
But when it works I love it.

You can also use this one to just save to your camera roll.  You don't have to post it to the web
which is a plus.  It also directly connects to instagram & asks you if you
want to 'view in instagram' then from there you can use the instagram filters.
This one gives you a lot of options. But like I said, a bit lack luster for the $1.99 tag.

Not only does this show you how great the iPhone 4 camera is......but it also shows you how crappy it is!
This collage was made in PicFrame the others were made in picnik....I should have used picframe for all!

PicFrame is the best for .99.  It allows you to take up to 6 photos & combine them into a collage.
You can do a standard square image or different ratios. You can also vary the collage section size.

I like to play around with this one a bit too.  You can see what images from your camera roll fit best together, make an outfit collage, etc.  It can save you image to the camera roll or you can configure your facebook, tumblr, flickr, & twitter to share your image.

There are background colors & patterns you can use too.  No filters to overlay, but you can do that in PictureShow or Instagram.


Hipstamatic is a camera app I love but rarely use.  I have to force myself to use it because it requires live photos.  You can't import a photo (though they do have another app for it SwankoLab) so you have to be willing to take your shot with the app.  You can buy & are given pretty interesting lenses & films and the results are super cool.  I need to play around with it more in order to get the best results.  

It's also a shame that its not film! I get disappointed sometimes when I go look at the instant results and see that the lense/film/subject is pretty lame.  I really like the idea of using photography apps  like this in an artistic way.....kind of like when cameras first because available to the public if you will...everyone thought they were a photographer.  But people use these apps like there's no tomorrow and the images turn out beautiful.

Hipstamatic is great if you have sometime to play around with toy camera apps.  It takes pretty cool  photos...but there's not recapturing that moment if it comes out looking kinda dumb!
You can also upload to facebook, twitter, flickr, etc.  They even have their own share network I think.

Here are some other camera apps I have that are interesting by that I rarely use.
They are all worth trying out though
(some are free & some are paid)
logo sources:

Do you use any camera apps on your phone?
I know my room mates have Droids but I don't know if there are apps for these on Droid.
Are there different Droid Camera Apps you swear by?

p.s. Have you stopped by est. 1839 yet? This is a great little blog to follow for fashion related inspiration & DIYs!

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