Things I am Thankful for

Every now & again I get the urge to let everyone know the things I am thankful for.  So I thought I'd take a little time to mention them today.

Sometimes I think that being thankful is a private matter between you & what you are thankful for.  But sometimes I feel proud of the people I am thankful for so I want to let everyone know how awesome these people are.

- I am thankful for -

These lovely ladies from est. 1839 blog
the picture included me.....tee hee

Thanks to a few margaritas with Amy one night before the end of our final year of college, we chatted back & forth about a fashion blog in VA.  That night I found out that Megan of Freckled Italian totally knew Jenni & Amy from attending our University as well.  I sent Megan a little tweet on the fly asking if she'd be in.  I was nervous, but she said yes.  The we heard back from Jenni & est. 1839 was born.  I am so thankful to have 3 sweet friends to launch a blog project with!

These two sweet puppies 

They each brighten my day & I am so glad they got to meet each other.  They are great friends now & I can't wait to have another play date soon.

The blogging world in general
I am so thankful to be a part of a community that is supportive & am glad to be back into it.  For a while I was a slacker, a promise breaker, a horrible emailer.....I was sucking at blogging.  I chalked it up to moving, not having time, etc...when the point is I need to get better at knowing what my limit is.

I am very thankful to finally be back to reading & interacting with some bloggers I consider to be bloggy friends.  I am also thankful that so many bloggers have so much inspiration to share!

That Fall is coming closer
I am thankful that I made it through the summer on my own & that I am going to be set (pretty much) to make it through the fall.  All I have to really worry about is paying my student loans.  But I have a great support system that will help me if I need it.

My family
With out that support system I mentioned above (my family) I wouldn't be as level headed as I am today.  I am so thankful for the values that I was taught with money, responsibility, work ethic, etc.  I wouldn't be able to do any of this without that foundation.

I am all around thankful for my ability to be me, to do what I love to do, & to be supported and feel successful at it.

My iPhone
Some what a dumb thing to be thankful for.  If I didn't have it, I'd still be perfectly fine.  I'd have food on the table, a loving family, etc.  But I am thankful for this gadget because I can blog from the heart! I used to get so discouraged to take photos of things.  I never had my camera, my point & shoot wouldn't have batteries, I'd forget I had my point & shoot, etc.  Now I can just whip out my phone take pics & show them to the world! I get to blog about what's happening, not what happened, or what I wish I could do.  I am thankful that I can get back into blogging & using my own photos.

A goal for this blog is to post a photo 5 times a week.  So far so good! I've also found I have more to blog about when I go through my photos.  I like that I am back in the game!

What are you thankful for? 
Do you take time to let the people you care about know?

At any rate, I am glad that I have the life I have.  I try to make the best of everything & am so thankful I get to pursue a dream. 

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