What I Wore :: Office Style 8/18

(this is an old outfit but..........I thought I'd post it anyway)

I really like to dress colorful even though I am behind a desk all day.  I like it because I think that a little bit of color brightens up someone's day & I hope when they come in and see me all cheerful they too will be cheerful.

Now I don't work in a dreary office, well it's really a school, but the front office there isn't really the most colorful place.  I just like to stand out, is that bad?

Thrifted purple dress (it's from Target!) & red shoes
Belt from a JCP dress
H&M Cardi
F21 scarf

I've been really excited lately to wear cute clothes.  At my other job it was a uniform; blue polo & black pants.  That was good for a little while.  I didn't have any clothes with me since I moved.  I didn't want to think about getting dressed in the morning.  I just wanted to do a job & get paid.  Needless to say I didn't really prefer this job!  It wasn't a job one could get recognized for exceeding in, I'd have to get my manager to explain exactly what I said, & I was taking orders from 18 year olds.  A slice of humble pie, but I didn't get thousands of dollars in debt to take orders from 18 year olds, no sir.

So I decided to apply for as many jobs as I could before I settled into my new little home.  I had to get something else!  Thankfully this job came around & I snatched it up as soon as the offer came.

So, the point of the second half of this post is that there are jobs out there...you just can't be afraid to apply!  No, I am not really 'gainfully employed' but I have fun, have the opportunity to use my degree, can afford my lifestyle, & have the opportunity to teach.

If I have any advice for anyone it is to be well rounded! I took jobs in retail, guest services, office management & heck even learned to drive a 15 passenger bus that eventually gave me the opportunity to be able to go to a gala even with $80 tickets for free!

Do things & create your own opportunities!  Don't be afraid of work either.  My grandmother always said she'd never worry about me because I am not afraid to work.  I also know that the Admin Assistant I worked for in college helped me learn so much more about office management.


How have you been?

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