Over the Next Few Days

I may or may not be AWOL.  The Wedding countdown must begin & I must drive and decorate!  But before we get to that you've probably noticed, but I've redone Five Sixteenths again.  I should have taken a 'before' screen shot...I am really bad at those things.  But after a few stages of work, here it is.

I am happy to be down to just one blog.  I was sad about getting rid of Cross My Hooks but I just think that I don't want to deal with only crafting.  I want to be a better blogger & being more sane (for example, moving down to one blog) is a great part of it.

I hope you all enjoyed your Wednesday & will now Enjoy your Thursday.

this is a fave photo done through Leme Leme & Instagram I think.
I consider myself an iPhoneographer...

I realized that this summer I haven't worn a single pair of flip flops.  Those rubber ones that you can find any where they sell sun screen.  I don't even know where any are.

At any rate, today we (my roomie & I) will be driving up to our college town to prepare for her wedding.  Be prepared for a twitter & tumblr storm of Wedding bliss!  I won't be back until Monday but I may be able to sneak a post in or two.

I will definitely be updating constantly to social media.  So if you want to take a peak please do!

Also, if you live on the East Coast like moi....stay safe in the storm!

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