Sum Up Sunday: Week in Review

So this week has been super busy, here is a bit of a recap:

bought a fiesta dress for my roomies engagement party
dress from TJ Maxx

Joined Pose! These are my patterns for work on Friday...I love to mix & match!
It's kinda like Instagram but for sharing your style, shopping, and (well..) Poses!
I think its pretty cool.

lunch at home with the Code Man

Kicked it College style with my Kappi Pi Letters
(Art Honor Fraternity.......thats right!)

Snuck away from the office to 'mail a letter' & swung by Starbucks
since it was right there!

El cheapo cameras I found 

And beibs cut out in Dillards...No big deal.

What did you do this week??
Any thing exciting?

ps. linking up to iPhone Friday!

1 comment:

  1. How funny! Taking a pic of your friend by the cut out?! HAah. :) Thanks so much for linking up with iPhone PHOTO Friday! :)


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