Fan Fridays: Tenured, Tartan, & Tempted

This week's Fan Friday post is a mix of some things I just stumbled upon today! I was going to include some things that I'd been pinning, etc...but when I headed over to Pinterest I got a screen saying they are making some changes! ahhh....no...I need to pin!

Anyway, while going through some blogs trying to catch up I found that one of The Dainty Squid's fave thing this Friday is Advanced Style.  A blog showing us that awesomeness advances with age!  I sat for a little while & looked through some of the posts.  I discovered that (1) I hope I grow more chic as I age & (2) that I really drew some inspiration from these folks!

I am also in love with going on picnics.  I often find myself day dreaming about going to the park with some friends, eating some yummy home made to-go foods, talking & taking in the sun.  It has been way too freaking hot to go do any of this! I sweat on my way to work, let's be honest! None the less I really want an adorable tartan picnic set!

via this etsy shop!

I also would settle for a small one for taking my lunch to work but I live only like 10 minutes away from my office.  I go home for lunch everyday!  We are looking to move our location though, so if I end up farther away I'll have to bring a home made lunch right?

I know I've mentioned this before, but I totally want a wig! I am totally inspired by bloggers I see that rock it & I really need something to cover up this mess (my hair) as it grows out.  I really want a blonde one too! I am obsessed with blond hair.  When I dye mine you can guarantee it will be bleach blonde!  Though I do like a honey gold color....hmmmmmm..... I am also trying NOT TO CUT MY HAIR!! My room mate recently cut her hair & I was like 'I wanna cut mine!' but I'd like to have long hair for a little while.  I just have to wait & I hate waiting.  That's what the wig is for right?!!?!

Here is some of my hair-spiration:

Half of my hair-spiration pin board is short hair & the other half is long.  That is what the wig is for right? Long hair? Take it off & shore hair is where it's at? ahhh!

What are you loving this week?
Have you popped by Est. 1839 yet? Amy did a great menswear DIY 
(super, super easy!)

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Hey Moe,

    It's been a long time girl. SOrry I haven't stopped by in a while, I am slowly starting to catch up on my bloggy friends. :)

    I have to say I love your hair spirations. I really love the short bob on the lower left, ahhhh. looks beautiful. But so does the one on the bottom right, and the top ones, well, I could do those right now, my hair is practically cut like that, besides the waves of course.

    Good to see ya girl.

    Hope you are well.

    Hugs, Bella :)
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