Make it Mondays: The Higher The Hair

the funnier you look.  This Make it Monday I thought I'd show you what my mom helped me make when I went home on Sunday - a really coiffed hairdo.

Since my hair is growing out, I am looking for things to make it look less, well, lame.  This was really funny. I think I look like a total weirdo! But who knows, I might keep up with the curlers.....maybe I'll get some of those ones you sleep in...cuz I love curly hair!

Pay no attention to the ratty old tee shirt either!
Not every day is glamours, don't you know!

Put some gell in your hair & put the hot rollers in 
(with the help of your mother, tee hee)

Take the rollers out......

Take some pictures of your 'do

Style your hair with some hair spray & a roll brush

Alright, this is how I looked:
(front facing cam is horrible!)

How I felt I looked:

I've also seen the great tutorial of curly hair with a stretchy headband.  My hair is not that long yet...but I fully plan to take advantage of that great tutorial!

Do you have any tips for a girl trying to grow her locks?
Send ideas please!

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  1. HA HA,,, why did you brush it out, lol. I liked the way it looked, so rockabillyish.

    I like how your curlers match your purple shirt, he he.

    Hugs, Bella :)
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