Fan Fridays :: Wedding

So this Friday I am currently in my college town primping & prepping for a wedding here on Sunday.  Currently I am either on the road to or getting my hair cut, decorating the space, hot gluing at the last minute, or crying.  To be honest it is probably the latter.

This chick getting married is one of my best friends & really I think of her as my sister.  We've only been friends for about 4 years but she is so close to my heart! So if I am not crying today I am probably thinking about crying.

So this Fan Friday I wanted to show some Wedding loves from this preparation:

Making the bouquets

helping to sew the garter

writing my Maid of Honor speech

Finding the perfect vintage inspired ring to wear with my brides maid dress

discovering ways to clean her wedding jewelry

All around I am just so excited to have been a part of a huge handmade wedding.  I am also glad she decided to go that route.  It was so fun to see hands making a lot of the things.

Less than 2 days & counting!

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