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The past few weeks I've been dreaming of fall weather.  Any time the sky gets a little bit grey or there is any hint of rain, I beg it to bring cooler weather.

While I do love the summer time, I get over the heat really quickly.  I love layers & wearing cute clothes in general and Summer really takes away from that.  I sweat, get uncomfortable in whatever I am wearing, & I hate it.  I wish summer was cooler!! Perhaps I should move north a little bit....

Things brings on a Tempted Tuesday's line of inspiration:

I love 'em! Not only will I mention tights, but look out for blazers, boots, bags, & more!  Now onto the tights......

I was in Nordstrom with my sister looking at winter boots when I came across this too cute ad for mocassins

While it's so blurry, I love the gray tights combo!

I can't wait for it to be tights weather.  I want to wear boots, jackets, sweaters, tights, etc.  I think I really like gray tights as a staple for fall.

If there is anything Pinterest is good for, its for showing me things I've already seen...in this case a 500 days of Summer poster with Zooey D wearing gray tights.....what, what?  I also found some really great gray tights inspiration there & doing a google search! I used Polyvore to merge items I'd like to have & similar items to ones in my closet.

gray tights

gray tights by fivesixteenthsblog featuring opaque tights
source source source

I am going to try to time fall right this year. I usually miss those golden days where weather is perfect for a light jacket.  Perhaps the weather just goes from boiling to freezing in the course of a week! But there should be some autumn in there some where!

What are you loving for the fall?
Do you have a staple for fall weather?

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