Engagement Party Recap

This past weekend I hosted an engagement party for my two roomies Katie & Jason.  They are getting married at the end of August.  We all just moved in to a little town house (catch a teeny tour here) & it's been kinda weird.  Not because I am living with a so-to-be married couple (I lived with a friend & her boyfriend during college) but because all three of us have totally different tastes in everything!

We have different tastes in shows, in decor, in making food, even in milk (soy for Katie, Skim for me, none for Jason).  It's been a weird dynamic but so far so good.  We try to cook meals for each other a few times a week & to use up each others leftovers.  Often you will hear us saying "I have this..." trying to put a meal together with a between-grocery-shopping cabinet.

Anyway, this weekend I cooked a delish Mexican Fiesta inspired meal with hand shredded seasoned chicken tacos at the center of it all.  I bought some chicken breasts, baked them & shredded them with two forks (is that the right way?) & seasoned them:

Little Chicken of Love

This is the part I am most proud of!

The party also included some delicious Cilantro Lime Rice from Target:
I wish I had a picture of the bowl of rice, I made too much.
We ate it the next day & the next day....

I got decorations from the Dollar Tree since I knew that it was going to really only take primary colors to make the Fiesta idea a reality.  I originally wanted more orange, but the Dollar tree only had red, yellow, & blue.  The green I got from Target:

in progress....
you can peak at the cilantro lime rice in the left corner of this picture

All layed out...

instagram just for fun!

Our home is filled with the guacamole green like in the image of the cilantro lime rice.  We love green!

Then after the delicious dinner, we headed to the bar to meet up with some friends who couldn't make it to our house.  Luckily for us it was Mugarita night so we didn't have to deviate from the Fiesta theme!

This is Katie & Jason to the left in the picture
Notice all of the mugs on the table.....Mugaritas!

All in all it was a pretty productive weekend.

Also I am pretty impressed with my little iPhone camera.  All of these pictures were taken with her.  The only thing I've really noticed is that you have to hold completely still or the shot is blurry.  It's like having a little point & shoot everywhere you go.  I love the photo apps as well.  Even if your shot is a little shaky, it is still good enough to post on instagram & the like.  I feel like I fall in love with my phone every time it takes a great shot.  Tomorrow I'll be reviewing my fave camera apps for iPhone but the main ones I stick to are instagram & Picture Show.  More tomorrow!

Have you thrown any parties lately?
Have you made a meal you were super proud of?

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