Dorm Dec Wednesdays : Around my *New* Home

So, we've unpacked (for the most part) & have settled in nicely to our new little town home on the east coast of Virginia.  I am so excited to finally be in one place, have my own room with my own things, & to have a place to decorate!

The only problem we have faced is that my room mate & I have two different tastes: I am a pattern & color freak and she is more of a traditional 'match the couch to the drapes' person.  So far it's worked out...I just need to sneak a few more pieces of mine onto the wall. (shhhhh.....)

Since Dorm Dec Wednesdays are all about living in a tiny place, I thought I'd share the some of the tiny parts of our home & back yard:

Entry way with place for keys, bags, & sunnies
Artwork behind front door (my brother painted that in grade school!)

Family Room:
flameless candles in the fireplace!
Right side of fire place is the tv, wii, games, etc
Left side of the fire place is a little desk area.
Bottom left pic: view from the couch to the cute little back yard

Kitchen table right before the Engagement Party
(soon to be blogged!)

Our Back Yard:

I love my iPhone!

We have a large tree in our little fenced in back yard.  
There is a little patio, some plantar boxes, & a little shed attached to the side of the house.
Once we get some little chairs it will be perfect to sit in & read or drink tea.

Currently, since our dryer is broken, I have clothes line strung between the tree & the fence a few times to hang my clothes on.  The sun is doing a pretty good job drying them!

Do you have favorite corners of your home?
Share them with me!

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