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Hey Guys! I am Hayley from a little life and style blog called The Weekend File
I am 26 years old, and live in sunny Southern California with my boyfriend and my new puppy. I originally started blogging years and years ago keeping an online diary of sorts, then last October, on a whim, after loving to read so many girls blogs I decided to take the plunge and do it. I was at first afraid to share so much of my life on the blog, but nearly 7 months later it has been all positive and a great way to meet so many other fantastic and talented ladies from all over the world.  
Every day, I read my blog roll and am countlessly inspired by fashion, recipes, design, you name it. Blogging for me has also been a great way to step outside the box and find some confidence and excitement when I am getting dressed everyday to embrace something different then just a t-shirt and jeans and get feedback from so many different perspectives. 
Coming up next for us we are gearing up to by a 1950 fixer upper by the beach and hopefully, my little blog will continue to grow into something I could potentially do for a long time to come!
So come on over and visit my blog. And if you are on Twitter, lets be new friends, too!

Stick around for more from our sponsors!

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