Moving Board: Bedroom

Moving time is almost here & I have big plans for some cool stuff! (Hopefully)
Mostly my room will be like it always is - sort of a bohemian/gypsy/eclectic/granny feel - but I do want to do a few things differently

1 - I have a white dresser that I really want to put a mirror on top of.  I want to lean it against the wall & I want it to be big! I also plan on doing the rub-the-mirror-part-off-&-put-fabric/paper-on-in that I saw a while ago on Vintage revivals.
2 - I'd like to have a few little crates here & there to corral some of my items.  This will probably be better in the craft room (which I will have!)
3 - A lamp that hangs over my night stand.  I do have a paper globe lamp but I'd like to make one like this with spray painted beads & a hanging planter basket.
4 - this tin foil night stand is from Vintage Revivals as well.  I am looking to do this to one of my jewelry boxes & my bed frame (if I grab the one from my room mate & she gets a new one).  This will also fulfill a 20 before 24 goal!

5 - Hanging inspiration boards.  This is probably for the craft room as well.  But I do have a big papasan chair that I might hang some stuff over.
6 - Speaking of papasan....I'd like to make some cool pillows to go with the chair.  The crocheted blanket that is usually on my bed will probably be draped over the papasan.  I want to create a yummy little nook to sit it (or throw stuff on as I usually do to chairs!)
7 - My tan bookshelf I may paint white to match my dresser & then paint or wallpaper the inside of the shelves.  Just to give it a little character.
8 - Finally (if there is room) I'd like to have a rolling rack.  The closets in our new place are very tiny.  Even though I'll have two (one in my room & one in the craft room) I may need to put more in my room.  A rolling rack would be perfect.  I will probably become a hardware pro as I'll try to make it myself.

- colors -
I have to work within a specific color range because my room has been painted a pale pink thanks to the lovely little girl who's lived there before.  It even comes with complimentary 'vine-y' painted things above the doors & windows.  I foresee some art covering these things :)

- here's the lay out plan -
not necessarily to scale :)

I am very excited to get to work on a new little place.  I am trying very hard to get rid of a lot of stuff!!

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