Dorm Dec Wednesday: Urban Outfitters

Recently it was brought to my attention the media surrounding an instance where Urban has reportedly copied an etsy artist.  While I am super saddened at this hit at the little guys, this post centers around the feel of this picture found on their website.  I outline that a lot of the items found in Urban can be found in your local thrift store.  I am all for supporting the little guy as I am one of them myself.

I hope this whole thing smooths over & until then, enjoy reading about the alternatives I've picked over the more expensive chains

 I love Urban's style. I also love that a lot of the things they have for sale can be found in your home or at thrift stores. 
It's great that they have these things but it's also awesome that you can collect other peoples memories while still achieving a really cool aesthetic.

For example, this image was on the Apartment section homepage at the beginning of the summer.
I love the eclectic collection feel.  I in fact have two non-matching curtains on my windows. I like things to look like they go together but not too matchy.

The posters on the wall are reminiscent of college days but this collage can totally be spruced up with printable art work, photos of friends, & pages from Urban, anthropologie, or free people magazines.  Urban has a great 'make it your own' aesthetic.

I love the idea of using a chair as a night stand & may even grab that idea for later.  Collect some from the thrift store, paint it with a chevron pattern & call it golden.
That bed frame is also easily a repainted brass bed frame from the thrift store.  I've gotten a really awesome quilt from the thrift store (that I washed a zillion times just to make sure) & I am sure you can find this mexican-dress print one at a discount store like TJ Maxx as well.
Throw in some different pillows that are in the same color scheme & you've got it!

Like I said, the cheap alternative to the Urban aesthetic is second hand shops.  
Keep more money in your wallet with out sacrificing style in your pad with a trip to your local thrift shop.

How do you achieve your favorite aesthetic?

Like I said before, look to these big chains for inspiration but but you can totally grab this aesthetic on the cheap & in a morally sound way.
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  1. it's so strange to see a blog post that is kind of loving urban outfitters right now. have you read some of the latest blog posts about them moe?




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