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Hello! I just got back from a job interview right after I finished up work at my second job.
I know I have been slacking on blogging a bit & I hate it.
Pardon my French -but-
I F***ing hate it.

here begins a little rant you may not want to read:

Let's start off with this: Things I wanted to do after I graduated
- move away from home -
- find a job -
- continue making art & being creative -

I feel like in the past few weeks in order to afford to do the first one (move) I've had to do the second one (work) way too much.  Don't get me wrong, I am thankful to have a job that pays the bills right now while I am in this period.  I thank my lucky stars every night for being on of the few people to find a jobs that I am alright with. But it seems like in order to afford to achieve my dreams, I've had to put them on hold.
And I don't really like that.
Since I am only finding seasonal or part time things I am also realizing that having back up plan after back up plan is not helping either.  I don't have time to live my life.  And there are so many things to see!

small snack outside in the lovely weather as I write

I come home every night with nothing to create because all my stuff is packed away.  I am too exhausted to do the one thing I can do -blog- when I get home.  It's just wiping everything from me.

I love to blog.  I love to share what I am interested not only for me but for others too.  My blog started off as a place to post inspiration, a visual diary, & a place to share my ideas.  It also just happened to be public on the internet.

I really want my blogs to take off.  I love the community & I love interacting with other bloggers.  But I can't do any of that if I don't have time to create new material. 

I have my first full day off on Thursday.  Its the first day off in like 3 weeks. 

Has anyone else encountered this problem? How do I continue to do what I love when I can't even find the time for it?
Though I am completing my 20 before 24 list, I feel like it's all taking a back seat.
Blog posts are scheduled & half finished.
I can't even complete one damn blog project.
I just feel like I don't know how to balance it all. 
I started this blog for myself...and now I don't even have time to read my own posts.

I am thankful to have some great sponsors doing some guest posts this month.  But I can hardly maintain this blog myself.

If you read through all that, then I am just begging you to please stay with me here as I try to get my act together.

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