Tempted Tuesday: Plate Wall

I love pattern & am falling for these plate accent walls:

And there are some great plates I've seen at Target that I am totally in love with that would be perfect.  They are probably too expensive to just buy & hang but this is a great idea to display some of your favorite plates.  Grab up a few from the thrift store & use those Porcelain pens on them too.

here   here   here   here   here   here   here

You can also use some clear plates, patterned tissue paper or cut out shapes, & mod podge to create custom plates. Adhere the tissue paper or cut out shapes to the back of the clear plate with the mod podge & allow to dry.  Seal with a spray sealant & hang.  I don't recommend using them to eat off of but you could totally use them as a plate under your serving plate.  That would create a great table scape!

My favorite decorative glass plates come from etsy:

here   here   here   here

I just love collections.  I think they make a home inviting!

I can't wait until I have our place to decorate!  
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  1. i'll be honest with you. i have never liked plates on walls. it just comes across so traditional and old looking. but that first picture...and the more you talked about it made me reconsider. plus those last plates are actually pretty nice and modern!

    also, i'm having a giveaway over at my blog if you'd like to check it out! :)

  2. i love plate walls but i'd be soooo scared they'd fall off!


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