Make it Monday: Grad Party Decor

Well I did it. I walked across that stage in my little white wedges, shook the hand of our University President, desended those stairs, & entered into big kid land.

Wowee, it sure was a long ride.
I am not doing a big ol' graduation party because I really feel its pointless right now.
I already have a job, I have to start working, I don't really have time to put up pretty decorations & drink margaritas. My high school graduation I took really seriously & threw a party with lots of decorations.  This time, I am much happier being able to move out.

If I did throw a party, I'd love to make these DIY decorations in good old Blue & White spirit!

these spiral decorations would be great over a buffet table.
grab the tutorial here from Alphamom

I love to decorate for parties but I hate taking it down. It takes so long to set up I just want to leave it up.

Congrats to all the grads in the blogsphere....we can have a virtual graduation party!
Enjoy your summer & good luck!
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