Dorm Dec Wednesday: Moving Out

If you've been paying any bit of attention, then you'll know
 that since January I've been planning to move in with one of bblfs.
It's finally happening......I am meeting another one of my 20 before 24 goals

Moving has been both terrifying & exciting.
I have gone from a small campus apartment to sleeping on a couch for a few weeks
& the final step will take place in a month
where we will move into our own little place - just two bblfs, a dog, & a backyard (& perhaps a boyfriend)
but mainly just us.
we both can't wait!

I imagine this is how I will feel:

Isn't this little music vid so cute?
I can't wait to be able to call a little place my own.

How did it feel when you moved out? were you terrified? 
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