Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Soup Can Chic

I am all about saving & reusing jars, containers, bags, etc.  I am always needing something to put little bits & bobs in.  The stack of jars in my cabinet might soon be met with stacks of soup cans after seeing this project:

Aren't these great? At first I thought they were porcelain, which would be so gorgeous, but they are in fact slightly abused but totally reused soup cans.  Check out the tutorial here from Family Chic where you can take out your anger on cans:

paint them nice colors:

And end up with something great.  I can't get over how interesting they look.  What an awesome form!

How would you use the end product? I can totally see all my art supplies, pens, markers, brushes, hooks, etc neatly organized in cans like these!

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  1. The dents add just the right amount of texture. These look amazing, perfect inexpensive dorm room decor.


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