Tempted Tuesdays: Attractive Spreads - Vintage Bedding

I am totally in love with all of my vintage sheets & my new vintage bedspread.  All the colors & patterns remind me of nights slept over at my grandmother's house.

My sister & I shared a bedroom with two twin beds, yellow floral bedspreads, & the cutest floral sheets.  I remember my gramma would have the bedspread tucked up under the pillow & pulled back over so even the pillow was snuggly under the blankets!  I'd always use one of my grandpa's undershirts he wore to work as pj's(even after the wash they still smelled like him!) & got to stay up late with them watching tv.  I remember one night when the Sixth Sense was on, I'd finally gotten big enough to sleep in the guest room with a full bed, & was laying on my stomach watching it.....like a big girl you know.  I got super, super terrified & ran down to my grandparents' freaking out....I don't even remember what scared me so much!

My grandmother has slightly updated the bedding in the house since then.  The bedspreads on the twin beds are rather normal looking, she no longer has a chenille one on her bed, & the guest room bedding doesn't look like it came from a cheap motel (the whole room is green: carpet, bedding, etc....).  But I still love the old sheets & spreads so on this Tempted Tuesday I thought I'd search Etsy for some attractive spreads:

I love the fringe on this one from Vintage Goodies

This one looks like it belongs in my Grandmother's house..so perfect!

I am a suckka for floral! From Midwest Vintage Co

Such a perfect yellow on this one.  Killer colors!

I would change my bedspread like I'd change my sheets...every month...if I had all of these! There are many things that make me weak, linens are one of them!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Ohh Ilove the vintage bedding...so pretty!!!
    The colors & patterns are fabulousness :-)

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  3. i thinks its seems to be summer collection , i like also very soft color like this . if u have rich dark color its not best color

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