Sum Up Sundays: Bracelet Tutorial

So on Monday I posted about my love for some beaded bracelets I saw over on Free People.  I decided to tackle trying to make a few.

Here are the supplies:

- Needle nose pliers
- Beads
- Memory Bracelet wire (you can find this at any craft store & even Wal-Mart)

step one:
cut off enough of the memory wire to wrap around your wrist a few times.
bend a little loop at one end to keep the beads on the wire.

step two: 
string the beads onto the wire.
fill the whole length of the wire with beads.

step three:
leave a little "tail" once you've strung on all of your beads.

step four:
use that tail to make a little loop like you did in step one
to secure the beads on the wire.

this is what you get

add some charms if you want
(I know that silver & gold aren't supposed to go together)
(sue me lol)

For the single bangle:
cut a length of straight wire 
(non-memory, I don't remember what gauge. But your seed beads need to fit on it...so not too big)
repeat steps 1 - 4
to finish, bend around soda can/bottle to create shape. 
open one loop & hook it through the other loop.
close opened loop
now you have a bangle!

Here they are styled together with some bracelets I have.

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