Great Snack Recipe: Birdseed

A few days ago I was looking through my food cabinet for something sweet to eat.  I found a berry mix of dried cranberries, blueberries & cherries that I bought last time I went to the grocer.  I hadn't eaten much out of it because it was so sweet.  I then spotted some plain granola I throw in my cereal some days.  It was in that instant that Birdseed was born.

Birdseed Recipe:
1 cup dried cranberries, blueberries, & cherries mix & 1 cup plain granola (or equal parts)
feel free to adjust berry to granola ratio....I added a bit more because the dried berries were so sweet!

I mixed it together in a ziplock bag (which is a little bit wasteful so I'd recommend putting it in a container you can close & shake up.

I didn't know what to call it but in my early class everyone commented on how it looks like birdseed. So, Birdseed it is!

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