Make it Mondays: Dream Catcher

I've rarely posted any tutorials on things for your home.  I've always done a quasi style how-to or recently a jewelry DIY but hardly ever do I mention things to make for the home.

Why is this? Well pretty much everything for my home is already made! I've been going at the DIY thing for quite some time & all of my friends think I am crazy for how much stuff I have in my room & apartment.  Its hard to not have inspiring things laying about!

So this is something else I've made this Harry Potter weekend (thats right, I watched it.  Both days!).  It is a DREAM catcher. Isn't that clever?

Here's what you need:
Embroidery hope mine is 7" in diameter
Letters to print (I used size 200 Baskerville Old Face in bold & in orange)
Coordinating scrapbook paper
Glue & string

Step 1: print the letters
Step 2: cut the letters out leaving a little border around them
Step 3: glue to the coordinating scrapbook paper
Step 4: cut around letters leaving a little border like in step 2
Step 5: use glue to adhere the string to the back (make sure you cut enough string to adjust height & make a knot
Step 6: tie strings to hoop in varying lengths
Step 7: Tie another piece of string around hoop & into bow to hang
Step 8: hang & enjoy!

Here it is along with all the crazyness above my bed.  I think I may change the level of the E..it looks rather funny.

Sweet Dreams!

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