Fan Fridays: Thrifting on Thursday

Yesterday I headed to my favorite junk shop with on of my friends to buy some unnecessary things in addition to a new thermos.  I originally headed there for a thermos & a train case & came back with this:

TWO thermos', a set of sheets 
(not pictured because they are in the wash) 
& a little overnight suitcase.  

I found a train case there for $5 but this case was $3.  I already have a bright orange train case I use for my head bands, bangles, & all around accessories.  I wanted another one to store a lot of my art/craft supplies in since a lot of them are in shoe boxes, bags, etc.

I got another metal thermos that was a bit beat up but I paid $5 for it any way.  The other one I picked up was only a buck.  The blue one holds a lot more than the red one, but I like metal thermos' better.  Here's my old green one:

I miss her!

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  1. I love the suitcase!! it's so adorable!

    i found your blog on the etsy forum, I'm your newest follower :)


  2. Great finds, I love the train case! Have a great day! :)

  3. How cute are you? I love them lady! Now I am missing my old Barbie Thermos from the 2nd grade. Thanks a lot.

    love your guts


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