The December Bed

Well, I can't believe it's December!  That means the semester is almost over, I get to see loads of great Xmas decorations, & I get to eat good food.  Have I mentioned I won't be able to fit in my pants til March?

Even though I'll be spending the greater part of December in my old bed at my parent's house, I thought I'd post the December Bed.

At my parent's house I have a twin bed.  Man, I am going to miss my bed in my apartment.  I love being able to spread out then curl up.  I still hang my feet off though like I have a twin bed.  

Do you have any weird habits left over from child hood?  Oh, I also ran up my gramma's stairs (still to this day as well) because I thought there was an alligator in her living room! What the heck is that!

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  1. I might have too many strange old childhood habits left-over to list.

    I love your December Bed! It's colorful and it looks incredibly cozy. Nice mix of colors, fabrics, and textures.


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