Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Kah-Nick Kah-Nack

How ever you feel about knick knacks (having just a few, one is absolutely enough, or pile 'em high) some of them you can't deny.  Sometimes they are quite the conversation piece & sometimes they are just too much.  I am a "pile 'em high!" type of person with the knick knacks.  I have so many, it makes my room look like gaudy city.....but, alas, that is who I am.

I am sure once I have my "own place" (whatever that means) I will cut down on the college cuteness & be more serious about my use of accessories in decorating.  I like a home to look lived in, like my parents home, where snow globes grace the piano & gnomes sit on the mantel.  In fact, I am sure that my love of gnomes comes from my grandmother who has quite a few in her garden & in her home.  We are also the type of family where when its Christmas our houses look like the North Pole! Every Xmas since I remember is piled high with sentimental ornaments & kitschy, glittery decorations.  I love it!

Here are some Knick Knacks I would die for:

  1. This Green Ceramic Owl from Fruit Fly Pie on etsy.  So freakin' cute!
  2. These two Birds (also ceramic) from CNJ Ceramics on etsy.  The description mentions using them as a cake topper.  I think that's an awesome idea!
  3. Finally, in my favorite color, a little Schnauzer figurine from Green Cricket's etsy shop. 
Stop by these lovely shops & browse around.  Such great things!

Are you obsessed with something in your home? Do you have too many of one thing?

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Moe, I am constantly obsessed with junk. Like mirrors, picture frames, and glaze. I think that we tend to love something and especially us thrifters buy it anytime we have a chance....I love the ceramic stuff you highlighted in this post. Especially that little owl, he needs to live at my house!

    love your guts

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Love Birds in your blog. Your blog is beautiful and fun I look forward to becoming addicted :)


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