Make It Mondays: Light as a Feather, Heavy as Lead?

This week's Make It Monday is soooooo late today.  Don't worry, its here!  As I mentioned earlier, I am going to incorporate some of my art projects into Make It Mondays. If something interests you, for example this week I am featuring printmaking, I encourage you to see if there is a community center or shop offering lessons.  They may be free or for a fee, but you will learn a whole lot & maybe find a new passion.  So here we go:

  1. First is a decor idea I have.  I'd like to make a load of origami butterflies to cover a wall but........I don't have the time or the paper.  I am settling for a little burst of butterfly on my desk.  I am going to hang a few from the underside of my hutch just to add some fun.  I love butterflies, they are very special to me.  My great grandmother used to say she'd come visit as a butterfly so now every time I see one I think of her.  This origami butterfly is from origami-fun.com with full instructions! How sweet is that!
  2. Secondly, I have to set type for my print class.  Yikes! Nah, I am not worried.  I've seen it done (some of my friends are printmaking/book arts majors, so I think I have it in!).  This image is from Letter Press Daughter.  This blog seems so cool! I love to look at people in their element & this blog follows a fun life.  
Well, it is late & I still have to read. Until Wednesday....much love :)

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