Tarot Diaries // April 2017 New Moon Reading

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my recent foray into the Tarot.  I chose to work with the Tarot as a self development tool.  It's nothing to do with any deity, gods, or otherworldly forces....it is simply an attempt to come in line with my higher self.  I've also decided to get into some work with the lunar phases - so woo woo, I know.  Enter the New Moon, a time for setting intentions.  I've also been wanting to work with the Wild Unknown Tarot deck I picked up recently.
The Wild Unknown Tarot Spread
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April 26th 2017 marks the New Moon.  This will be the first New Moon I've worked with to set intentions and I wanted to share with you today (or tonight rather, as this was a super last minute blog post!) my first New Moon Spread.  I do know that this New Moon is in Taurus......and that is the extent of my astrology knowledge!  The New Moon is the best time to set intentions and to set plans for the new month.  I'm considering starting my time keeping and monthly spiritual planning around the new moon instead of the begging of the calendar months because of my new found love of the Tarot.  So the spread I worked with is based on this spread I found on Pinterest but I added another card to clarify.  Here's my take - and the layout grid is at the end of the post : 

card one
Where am I right now in my life?
Five of Wands

The Five of Wands is a card of conflict.  This conflict is dealing with manifestations, actions, & ambitions. Unlike the other suits which can be rooted in something that is easily grasped - swords as thought, cups as emotion, and pentacles as money - the suit of wands is a bit more abstract.  This is the suit of energy, motion, action - the suit of the spirit.  The Five of Wands represents a conflict you may have with yourself about manifesting something right now.  You can't get what you want to do in line with actually doing it.  You may feel unable to move forward or that you can't get you're thoughts in line enough to make a plan.

card two
What is blocking me from growing?
The Empress

The Empress is a card of growth, of abundance, of creativity.  This is a card of awesomeness.  Overall, this is an extremely positive card - but because this is the only Major Arcana card in this reading, I see the blockage as maybe an excess of creativity.  So much is wanting to be manifested that it is causing havoc on the spirit that is trying to manifest it.  The Empress is a number three card, the card of moving into action but there may be too much happening that you can't handle it, you can't process it, and the over abundance isn't helping you.

card three
How can I release this blockage?
Eight of Cups

Let. It. Go.  The Eight of Cups seems to be personally haunting me!  The Eight of Cups is about the emotional strength to let it go.  Look, now is not the time to keep thinking about why you're creativity - the thing that you'd think would enable you to, you know, be creative - is blocking you.  Don't dwell on in because you keep coming back to it, pouring emotional energy into something that isn't rewarding you (setting up the cups), and yet nothing changes.  Have the emotional security to step away and accept.  Just leave the cups.

card four
What intentions should I set in order to grow?
Five of Cups

Another five card, a card about conflict.  This time the conflict is on an emotional level.  Because you've got an abundance of creativity but you can't get it to manifest into anything, you feel like the things that make you happy are no longer apart of your life.  The truth is, they are still there...you're just not seeing them because you're in this mindset of self pity.  If you're only look up for a minute you'll see that these things are still here.

Set an intention to consciously do things that fulfill you in order to open yourself back up to emotional gratification.  Take time to appreciate small breakthroughs and creative successes.  Ask yourself what you're ignoring. discover what you're not currently doing.  Set intentions to make sure you're doing things that fill you're cup.

card five
What knowledge do I need to gain to cultivate my intentions?
Two of Swords

As a two card the Two of Swords is about balance.  The energy of this card is is about balanced realization, about fair judgement.  Take the energy of the Two of Swords and use that to judge the actions you're taking - is this action helping you come in line with your intentions?  Is this action helping me to feel bountiful and fulfilled?  How is what you're doing aligning with your intentions.  

as and example: watching mindless TV for 3 hours after work.  You may feel exhausted and that something mindless may help you but is it really bringing you into alignment with your higher self?  Is this helping you to work through your creative blockages in order to manifest something?  I don't think a Netflix binge is the answer here.

card six
What positive energy will emerge during this phase?
Four of Cups

Emotional stability.  By setting intentions that help you feel fulfilled, you'll find that you become more emotionally balanced.  Being purposeful in what you do and reflective on what is working for you will help you bring the conflict of your spirit in line with the current conflict of emotion and ultimately bring about emotional stability.  The fours represent a solid foundation but they also represent this idea of stagnation.  So once you reach this culmination, don't just say 'this is it, I'm done'...leave room to grow.  Keep an open mind towards more growth and just like the Five of Cups, don't ignore what else might come to you.

I love this type of spread because it helps me to realize what is happening around me that I might not be in tune with.  Usually my questions revolve around the energy I should channel in a certain day with out any consideration to a bigger plan I should set.  So after these types of bigger readings it is important to set intentions that fall in line with card four.  Then you can focus you're daily draws or smaller readings on manifesting what you realized from this New Moon reading.
New Moon Tarot Spread Five Sixteenths Blog
I don't think you have to just do this reading around a New Moon.  Any time you feel the need to plan a new beginning you can utilize this spread.  Let me know how you like my interpretation of the cards and if you use this spread.  Happy reading!

Do you have an interest in the Tarot?  What are you attempting to manifest this month?

xoxo, Moe


Boost your Blog // 5 Stock Photo Tips for Bloggers

As a blogger you may find you don't have time to take that perfectly styled photo for your text blog post.  You have all the text written out but you don't have the perfect image.  If you blog between your day job and your family, you may find more often than not you push a post off if you can't find the time to take the perfect image for it.  A blog post that has an image is more likely to resonate with readers and more likely to be pinned - because there's an image to pin - or shared on social media because there's something besides a wall of text to look at. 

Enter the stock photo!
image via Ivory Mix

A few posts ago I shared with you some stock photos that fit the Boss Babe aesthetic.  Today I want to share with you some tips on using stock photos on your website as they can either add to or take away from the aesthetic of your post.  Here are some tips for working with stock photos on your blog.

Consider the Post
If you're posting about a techy thing like an app or about your computer or about a new website you've found you may want to consider finding an image that matches that.  An styled image of a laptop or of the style phone you use.  A desktop scene, a scene that reflect productivity.  If you're sharing your thoughts on meal planning consider finding an image of veggies or of a farmers market.  Imagine if you, as a reader, came upon a blog and saw a foodie style image for a post about a new productivity app.  If the app has nothing to do with food......you may be confused as a reader.  The visual and probably the reason you're reading the post in the first place isn't in sync with the feel or info in the post.  So consider the traits of an image that would best suit the post you're working with.

Choose a Relevant Image
In the Boss Babe Stock Photo post I shared four resources for that fun, feminine, entrepreneurial aesthetic.  If those images don't suit your blog - maybe you're more simple, less colorful, black and white, minimal - find stock photos that will complement your style.  Keeping the first tip in mind, search for free stock images that are both relevant to your post and keep with the overall look of your blog.  Consider the story you're trying to tell with your post, don't choose an something that causes a disconnect between the image and the content.  I try to find at least 2 to 3 images to work with.  Sometimes one will jive really well with your content and sometimes you may feel iffy on an image.  Keep your options open and bookmark images that speak to you...you may end up using them later.

Be Unique
There are a ton of free stock photo sites out there and your great article can be come just another post if you're not being unique.  Keep tabs on the images you've use already (I'm guilty of not doing this!) so that you don't consistently or accidentally use the same images over and over again...or even a few months or years a part from each other!  Keep building your library of stock photos.  Keep finding new sites.  Even consider sitting down one day and shooting a bunch of photos relevant to your blog's theme so that you can have a library of your own to pull from if needed.  I did this about a year ago and it really helped me work on some upcoming posts knowing I had images ready for me.  Find my free for commercial use images here.

Add Text
In order to make your article better received on social sharing sites like Pinterest, overlay text on your photo that relates to the blog post.  Usually this will be the blog title or a shortened, catchy version of it.  This is what will draw readers in.  Often referred to as a beauty shot, this image will appear at the top of your article (sometimes bloggers will put it at the bottom and encourage a pin...I don't find that flows naturally for me).  It is here that you want to consider your post and blog aesthetic too - I often decide what words I'd like to emphasize, if there is a number in the title I'd like to stand out, and the layout I'd like the text to look.  If you take a peek around the blog you'll see I consistently use one style of text-over-photo for my images. In the What is a Style Guide? post I mentioned a few tips for keeping consistency when it comes to choosing fonts and colors.  The app I consistently use to add text to my photos is Phonto.  It has a ton of fonts, you can upload your own, and it's no fuss.  Perfect for quickly creating that Pinterest friendly image.   If you want some inspiration for creating Pinterest friendly images, click here.

Give Credit
There are sites out there that require credit when an image is used and there are sites that say 'do what ever you want with these images (with in reason).'  Make sure you're understanding the terms of use with each image you add onto your blog.  Playing nice is a big thing for me and it should be for you too.  Image if you worked really hard on an image for your blog and then some one snatched it, cropped it, and used a font like Papyrus over it?  Um, no thank you.  So give credit if credit is needed.  A short blurb and link under the photo should work unless there's a bigger requirement as laid out in the terms of use.  Also, don't just assume that because an image is on the internet you can use it willy nilly.  Find and utilize dedicated free for commercial use/royalty free websites and not just Google image search.  

Stock photos can be a creative and helpful resource for bloggers.  They can also be sterile, disconnected, and stale if not used properly.  Remember you're developing the aesthetic of your blog and you can be choosy.  Don't conform and don't use bad stock photos!  I hope this post helped you realize how you can integrate stock photos into your current editorial calendar.

What sites are your favorite for stock photos?  Do you already incorporate stock photos into your content?

xoxo, Moe


Trend Tuesday// 3 Pieces to Start your LuLaRoe Wardrobe

In case you missed it I've been working with an amazing LuLaRoe reatailer - Cinnamon and Nathan from LuLaRoe Cinnamon Little - to create some helpful blog posts and videos on the LuLaRoe brand.  In this post we introduced you to the brand, in this post we introduced you to the opportunity, in this post (the one you're reading now!) I want to introduce you to the 3 pieces you should buy to start your LuLaRoe wardrobe.
The pieces featured in this post were sent to me for review by LuLaRoe Cinnamon Little, I only promote and support products and businesses I love.  All opinions are my own.  Please read my full disclosure here.

After trying a lot of LuLaRoe styles, I've made a decision on the top three pieces that will work for a lot of people who are just getting started with the brand.  Its hard get started because for the most part retailers sell online, every style is in different prints and fabrics, and it might be over whelming.  These three styles are perfect to dip your toes in the water!

The Carly Dress
The Carly dress is one of my favorite dresses because of the versatility of the style.  On the surface the Carly dress is a t-shirt style dress with a high-low hem and a small pocket on the upper lefthand bust.  The sizing is very loose, making the dress really flowy and it is the perfect dress to embrace the LuLaRoe style.  Tie this dress up, style it as a tunic, as a wrap, as a cover up, wear it with a belt, knot it at the waist.....the whole point of LuLaRoe is to create clothes that flatter many body types.  I love this dress because it can be modified so much to get so many different looks.  My favorite looks are belted and knotted in a bow to make this dress a tunic!  If you need more styling tips for the Carly dress, I made a whole styling video here.  Multiples of this dress - in a few solids and a few patterns - would be perfect for travel.  So much versatility from one dress!

The Perfect T
The Perfect T is my version of the perfect t-shirt.  How clever it was named as such!  The body of the shirt is a bit flowy, featuring a slit on both the right and left side &3/4 length sleeves.  The size I purchase - XL - fits perfectly in the bust but flatters both my middle section and my arms.  Tying the two tails of fabric on each side of the shirt is one of my favorite styles.  I like the way this look sort of gives me an hour glass shape!  The neckline of the shirt is pretty deep for a LuLaRoe style and I love that I'm not feeling super covered up.  In a really light jersey knit, the Perfect T is my favorite shirt for summer!

Leggings (of course!)
Leggings (of course!)
Last but not least, you gotta try the leggings!  I know this can be a can of worms in itself!  There are so many prints, patterns, colors, styles.....it is overwhelming.  If you want to start simple there a ton of solid colors to choose from.  I suggest jumping in with the patterns.  Keep it simple though - find a wearable pattern for you.  Perhaps try a small two color geometric print, or a more consistent floral print (like the floral leggings above), if you're lucky you may even find animal print!  Leggings are a solid way to dip your feet in the water.  I love to wear them for everything but if you want to look a little more put together I'd try rolling up the hem so you get cute little capri pants!  Oh, and leggings are pants.

These three styles, of course, are only the tip of the ice burg.  The sizing on these is also the easiest to figure out.  Even if you buy the wrong size Carly (I wear both a 2XL and XL) you can still work with it.  I do make sure I absolutely can not live with out the pattern in a Carly dress because of the price tag!  The sizing of the Perfect T runs pretty true to the sizing chart - I have an XL (my preferred size) and a 2XL.  The leggings are even easier to decide on sizing - One Size and Tall & Curvy!

If you'd like to get your hands on some LuLaRoe for the first time or the fiftieth time, check out the LuLaRoe Cinnamon Little VIP group here for a sale every Thursday!  Check out their social media links below to stay in the know -

Website YouTube | Instagram | Facebook Business Page | Periscope

What were your first LuLaRoe pieces?  Have you tried anything new?

xoxo, Moe


Make it Monday // Printable Positive Affirmation Cards

I've been working hard this year on being more mindful.  Part of that is meditating and releasing negative energy I always seem to have around myself.  I'm always down on myself, stressed, moving too fast - part of being mindful is being aware of and living in the present.  I've tried to adopt things that can allow me to be more positive and let things go. 
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A few weeks ago I shared how I made a few Mantra Vision Boards for my Vision Planner.  This week I thought I needed something more positive to go along with my morning meditations....something that I could pull from to remind me that I am enough.  I'm already using Tarot Cards (my current favorite deck is this one and my new obsession is this one) to tap into some positivity and be aware of what energies I should expect through my day.  A positivity card would allow me to focus on a degree of my muchness as the Mad Hatter would say.  Enter a DIY.

Begin by printing the 6 PDFs on the front of your chosen paper.  I chose regular weight printer paper as I often do when I am going to laminate something like this.  Following your printer's instructions for double sided printing, print the constellation image on the back of each page.  This will give you something that resembles a true deck of cards.
Laminate the pages using 3 mil laminating sheets and trim to size.  Each card measures 3 inches by 3 inches.  I specifically made this project with out using my cutting machines because I wanted it to be something accessible to all.  It is super quick to make these and trim by hand.  Sometimes that's all you really, really need in life!
There are more than 30 of these cards so you can pull one a day for a month.  You can also use the Mantra Vision Board DIY to make your own affirmation cards.  Choose your own quotes and your own affirmations to make this a personal experience.  Make a set of 52 to choose one each week or make a set of 31+ to pull one a day each month.  If you're really ambitious make 365!
I have added this deck to my personal altar.  A place I come for solitude, meditation, and some quality me time.  My altar isn't an altar to any deity or god, it is an altar to the person I want to become.  It is an altar to my best self!

I hope these affirmation cards give you some positive vibes through the days and weeks you use them.  Please let me know if you make them!

How do you stay positive?  How to do you get rid of negativity?

xoxo, Moe


Trend Tuesday // Fat Girl, Crop Top

There are two things the below photos will show you - I desperately need to dye my hair and that I am wearing a crop top.  I've seen a lot of individuals I admire on Instagram and other social media outlets wear crop tops.  I mostly follow a lot of body positive and plus size fashion accounts because it is nice to be inspired by those that look like me.  After seeing quite a few of these individuals wear crop tops, I said 'you know what, I have a body...I'm going to wear a crop top'
this post contains affliate links, please read my full disclosure here

shirt - Meijer // duster cardigan - Amazon
maxi skirt - handmade (similar) // boots - Acredale Saddlery
choker - Moodology collection from Origami Owl

I've been obsessed with sewing for like a very long minute and made this flowy maxi skirt.  So far I've sewn a few t-shirt dresses, 2 shirts, and this maxi.  The steam is running out right now but I have so much fabric that I need to make more, more, more!  Adding a few more shirts and a few more maxi skirts is on my to sew list.  I love the fit of this maxi - I made the pattern from a maxin I already had from Meijer (I believe) but extended the hem a little more so I could wear it higher up on my waist.  I wasn't anticipating the crop top action, but this works perfectly!
This was the first semi nice (weekend) day that I wore this outfit.  I had a planner meet up to head to with Monique from Many Sides to Me, and then Zach and I went on a little date to one of our favorite restaurants.  I felt super empowered wearing something slightly out of my comfort zone.  I would wear this whole outfit - minus the crop top - on a regular day so the pattern, the layering, etc is really my style.  Adding the crop top made me feel fierce!

If you're unsure about wearing a new style try to pair it with something you fee more comfortable in.  Don't go all out the first time...that's what wearing a crop top has taught me!
I plan to rock this style - plus a bikini if I can find a top I like - this Spring and Summer.  Don't let anything hold you back!  I'm going to pull from one of my favorite drag queens, Latrice Royale - Wear the crop top.  Look sick'ning. Make them eat it!

What fashion trend are you stepping out to rock this summer?  

xoxo, Moe


Free Sticker Friday // Bubble Bath Stickers

I've been slacking hard core on my One Little Word for the year.  My word is mindful and I am attempting to do the proper OLW class from Ali Edwards.  Part of that class was to do something, to practice something, in the month of February.  Did I do that?  Nope, not even once.  So I started fresh this past Monday.  My practice? Meditation.  I shared my vision planner and the mantras I'm using for meditation in this post.
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I've been doing it a little bit, in a way that relates to this sticker set, by taking baths once a week using some of my essential oils.  It has helped calm me and keep my mind focused.  I've started to realize that for my own mental health I need to get a hold on my thoughts and focus my mind.  To recenter myself and reaffirm myself.  There are some characteristics that others claim to be too much that I actively embrace...but I wasn't embracing them like I should.  If you've ever had these feelings of 'what is wrong with me?' you may understand what I mean.
So of course, I needed some amazing little stickers to put in my planner with I take my baths.  Why?  Because stickers!  When I first got into Memory Planning I knew I had to have stickers for everything I'd ever need (that's one reason why I started making and sharing them!).  I needed to have a sticker for nearly everything because I needed to feel I was doing this thing completely.  So I hope all these sticker help!


The file includes a cut file to for cutting these with your Silhouette, a PNG file for cutting with your Cricut Explore, as well as a PDF for cutting by hand or with this tool.  
As always, these stickers are for personal use only.  Do not sell the design - digital or printed.  Do not print and disseminate the file in mass quantities.  If you would like to share or pin this download, please link only to the blog post and not to the file.  Thank you for playing nice.

If you'd like more free stickers click here.  All stickers that are Cricut Ready are here.  Consider joining the Cricut Ready Stickers Group on Facebook for more free stickers to cut with your Cricut Explore!

What are you doing for yourself? 

xoxo, Moe


Trend Tuesday // Planner Lust

The other day I found four extra Color Crush binders in our spare room.  They were set up in this little background vignette I was going to film in front of.  So I took them down, walked out of the room and headed over to my planner shelf...*ahem shelves*.  Then I looked at Zach and said "I need to fit these four planners....and I don't know how we got here'.  

So what else do I do?  Lust after more planners.  Done.  Here are planners I 100% need in my life.  Here we go:

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Grape Simple Stories Carpe Diem A5 Planner Binder
image via Scrabook.com
Purple? Check.  Great quality? Check.  (Watch my review of the new style of Simple Stories Carpe Diem planners here.)  Fits my newly rediscovered memory planner? Check.  I just love the Carpe Diem planners - and this purple one tops the charts.  Plus, this one doesn't have the window pocket.  I'm not a fan of those.  This layout is features on the Scrapbook.com website and uses the Emoji Love Collection.  I 100% need that too.  Shop the layout here.  You can also find the new Carpe Diem collections on Blitsy, here.

Discagenda Constellations Cover, Personal Size, Snap Closure
image via dokibook.com
Half the problem of all the planners is that I now use a Mini Happy Planner and there are only a few binder covers for this planner.  Enter the Discagenda covers from DokiBook.  Oh. Em. Geeee!  I hear the personal size Discagenda cover fits the Mini Happy Planner and this one with the constellations....it's over with.  Cue happy dance.  Bye, bye $26.50.  Hello happiness.  Not a fan of the Mini HP?  Boom - ring bound in A5 and personal.  Done, you're welcome.

Webster's Pages A5 Faux Leather Composition Planner
image via Blitsy
The last thing I need to do is start something new....like the Bullet Journal.  I am really interested in all the beautiful spreads.  And I'd probably use it more like a journal than a planner.  But the last thing I need is a new planner system.  The thing I love about the Composition Planner though is that it can fit multiple composition books.  I really do want to try out the composition books to see if the paper quality is anything like the traveler's notebooks.  That paper is very nice.  This planner would be great to carry multiple subjects for school too.

Webster's Pages Color Crush Navy Floral Travelers' Notebook Planner

image via Blitsy
I already love my mint floral traveler's notebook, so why not add the Navy Floral into the mix.  These notebooks are great for journaling.  I love that I can have multiple journals in the notebook.  A great way to be creative on the go.

So, there are four new planners that I need to find room for on my shelf.  Don't be surprised if you see a new planner review on my YouTube channel in the near future.  I sure do hope it's the Discagenda Cover!

Are you lusting after any new planners?  Any new planner accessories? Any new planners I should know about?

xoxo, Moe


Make it Monday // DIY Digital Mantra Vision Board

I have been working on my vision planner (don't worry, I plan to show it all to you....eventually) which also coincides with my first official year doing the One Little Word class by Ali Edwards.  The March prompt was all about vision boards.  But it was about vision boards in a different way.
I often think about a vision board as a (sometimes) cluttered mess of things you like all pasted onto poster board and then shoved into a spot in your room/office/home where you look at it...but it may not speak to you.  This idea has always frustrated me because I don't find order in that approach.  It wasn't until I watched a few vision board and goal setting style videos that I realized creating a vision board is a unique experience and should reflect the creator.  There isn't a one size fits all vision board.

And that is where my vision planner came in.
I have this guy divided up into some areas of my life I'd like to focus on all while keeping my word of the year Mindful in mind.  I also have sections for each of the One Little Word prompts and when I happen upon something that fits with in these prompts I roll with it an put that in there too!  I am not going to get too much into my vision planner sections right now...but the section I'm working on right now, today, with you is my spirituality section.  I hesitated to name it that all they way up until this blog post because I am not religious.  I see the word spirituality as a slippery slope into religion.  But I recently happened upon a free webinar by Alexis AKA Miss Trenchcoat called How to Manifest a Successful Astrological New Year and I realized that all signs are pointing to the things I'm becoming interested in - essential oils, meditation, working with crystals, etc - is culminating in a desire to explore my spiritual relationship with myself.  I can't deny it, I have to embrace it.  I've always been a believer in signs.  So I knew that this little section I'd originally called Wellness needed a better suited name if I was also going to start working with astrological signs and tarot.  Long story short - signs are pointing me to look inward, reflect, and work on discovering myself.
this post contains affiliate links, please read my full disclosure here.

So....February's prompt was to practice something everyday.  I didn't do it.  I didn't.  But March's prompt was to create vision boards regarding your word.  Ali suggested pulling a full page from a magazine and finding words that inspired you.  I thought I'd combine the two and create some vision boards with images I found that reminded me of my word and my intent and added some quotes that I could meditate on during the month.  Here's how you can make some mantra vision boards for yourself - make them as phone wall papers, computer backgrounds, or print them out like I did.

supplies // inspiring digital images, PicMonkey.com, card stock, printer

I highly suggest the images you use for this project be royalty free images and not images from Pinterest.  My favorite place for royalty free images is Unsplash.com.  It literally is like flipping through a digital magazine.  The best part is that you can search images by keyword.  I searched my word mindful but I also searched meditate, mindfulness, etc.  I looked into the collections as there were few results of images labeled with those words.  So just flip through and find images you like.  Save them to your computer or your device to work with later.
Find quotes or mantras you identify with.  In the original prompt, Ali suggested just trimming words form the magazines that inspired you.  They didn't have to directly reflect the word you've chosen for the year...just words that spoke to you.  I searched Pinterest for Mindfulness Quotes and created a board of the quotes I loved.
For this tutorial we're going to work with PicMonkey.com and their new(ish) Template Feature.  This is something rather new to me but it is super cool if you're not design inclined all the time.  The designs are premade for you - you just fill in the info!  Choose a template you like - keeping the size of the end result in mind -iPhone wallpaper, printed image, etc.  Once you've selected the template, right click on the main image to replace it with the image you've saved from Unsplash.
It is now that you can manipulate the text.  Try to choose a template that will fit your text/quote with out too much change.  That way you'll still get the feel of the template you chose.  This one with bold text supports a smaller quote.  If you find the color of the text doesn't really match the feel of the photo change it to better reflect your feelings.  I always choose either black or white to keep it simple.
Here is another example of a template I used - I liked the layout of the text but the end result doesn't resemble the original template.  You can see this one started off as an invitation but I changed it to be more poster like.  It is ok to start off with something interesting but change it up to fit your design aesthetic.
One of the new things I love about PicMonkey is the layers pane.  Not only are these templates pretty cool but the layer pane really helps you be precise with your designing.  You get more control with out the process becoming to complicated for the average user.  There are some special options & special templates that are available only if you're a Premium or the new Supremium customer.  While you can do a lot with this editor for free, these two subscriptions allow you to do more, more, more!  And work with the Hub feature that allows you to save your work!  How cool is that?  Learn more about the subscriptions here.
Now you're ready to print the mantra vision boards out or add them as backgrounds on your mobile device.  The way these guys work for me is something that I can reflect upon while meditating, something I can fall back on and repeat when I need the support, and words that I can work towards emulating in my everyday life.
You can also create these digital designs with various other tutorials I've shared on my blog - digitize your hand writing and use that as an overlay, use transparent clip art to add to your design, create these digital designs on your iPad with the Phonto app, or choose a few of these overlay apps to add to your mantras.

What words do you use to help you meditate?  Have you created a vision board for yourself this year?

xoxo, Moe


Trend Tuesday // The Lowdown on Joining LuLaRoe

Last week during Trend Tuesday Cinnamon and I introduced you to LuLaRoe.  How to shop, how to find your size, and what to do if you're brand new.  Today's post is going to discuss taking the next step - turning your love for LuLaRoe into a business opportunity.  The main way this business works is through Facebook (join Cinnamon's VIP group!) & in home parties called Pop-Ups.  I'm going to let Cinnamon discribe her journey and answer a few more questions for you all.

I'm always excited to build up other women taking a chance on creating something awesome. How great is it that she get's to do this with her family as well?  A husband and wife team - Cinnamon & Nathan - ready to share fashion with the masses one legging at a time!  And guess what?  They do this on top of a floral business they also own!
Cinnamon says "I joined LLR because it was the first direct sales company that caught my interest. My husband and I already own and operate a wholesale floral business. We found ourselves looking for an additional business venture we could conduct online to help supplement our income since we had begun to support my sister who is going thru some health struggles. I discovered LLR after I was asked to join an online popup. After I received my first item of clothing I was so excited that something actually fit me! My excitement lead me to want to look into other LLR styles. I was still unaware that this was a direct sales company or that you had to become a retailer to sell LLR clothing. As I purchased more pieces I soon became hooked. I loved the comfort, I hate things too tight, and I loved the way I felt in the clothing which is not a normal experience for me. I now have so many women who feel the same way as they discover items that fit them better, fit their shape and make them feel good about themselves. The confidence and emotional wellbeing these women walk away with makes it so worth it! As women we are so hard on ourselves. We all have beauty inside and out. When you feel good and you feel confident in what you are wearing, that brings out the inner beauty even more."  Here are a few answers to some business questions :

What makes LuLaRoe different from other Direct Sales companies?

What makes LLR different than other direct sales companies is that you do not have to build a team to make money. People love the clothing and it really does sell itself. You can make a good income just selling the clothing. Team support and the training you receive from LLR on a regular basis is a huge help in making your business successful. They want to see you succeed, supporting you through the whole process; building you up and helping you grow with weekly trainings. If your sponsor is not immediately available team members are waiting in the wings almost any time of the day to answer questions you may have. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s a real family environment.

What does the sign up process entail to sell LuLaRoe? Can I get started with the company right away?
LuLaRoe is an investment. I believe it "weeds" out those who think it looks like fun and don’t necessarily want to work it as a true business. Currently in order to sell LLR you must choose and then sign up under someone who will become your sponsor. Your sponsor will give you the training and tools needed to get ready during your waiting time to become a retailer. It is very important that you choose your sponsor carefully. I would like to tell you all sponsors are created equal but it’s not true. You really want to find someone who is in it for the long haul and may have a business and organizational background to help you navigate the waters. For many just the thought of having to do taxes as a business owner at the end of the year is pretty frightening so it’s really important that you choose a sponsor who can help you through every twist and turn. It is currently about a six week waiting period in the queue before you will receive your call to be on boarded. You are required to purchase an on boarding package. There are several to choose from and they contain the current styles that are selling well for that particular time of year. It usually is about 300 pieces of inventory. Packages start out around $5000.00. There are larger packages and add- ons if you choose. You may also need other supplies such as hangers, racks, and bags and so on depending upon how you to choose to run your business.

Are there any hidden fees or minimums to reach?
In order to stay active as a LLR retailer you are required to order 30 pieces of inventory a month. There are no other fees involved. There are exceptions. For example, perhaps you had to have surgery. If you were not able to purchase 30 pieces that month you can purchase the next month, but it would have to be 60 pieces.

How can I learn more about selling LuLaRoe?
If there is anyone interested in learning more information, I would be more than happy to set up an opportunity call with you. You can also message me via my Facebook business page or by emailing me at lularoecinnamonlittle@gmail.com.

It has been very helpful to learn all about the LuLaRoe experience - from shopping to launching a business, LuLaRoe is fun to be a part of any way you feel comfortable!  If you haven't watched my all encompassing review as a customer on posted to YouTube, check it out here.

Don't forget to join the Facebook group - LuLaRoe Cinnamon Little VIP - you'll be just in time for this week's album sale!  Also please follow her social media links so you'll stay up to date on all the LuLaRoe info :

Have you ever taken a chance on something you're interested in?

xoxo, Moe


Free Sticker Friday // Read and Relax Mini Kit

I'm attempting to get back into Memory Planning....and it's been slow going.  I just can't find the motivation to do it even though I love the result.  I'm so happy that I have a scrapbook of a decent chunk of last year (watch the flip through of my memory planner here).  Memory Planning is really a retro active thing for me but if I don't do it everyday, or every other day, I kind of lose what I'm trying to do.  Remember what happened 2 weeks ago is very difficult!  My Memory Planner is more like a scrapbook, sort of like a planner, and just a little like a journal so working on it regularly is the best way to fill it up.

Today I want to share with you a mini kit perfect for Memory Planning or using in a personal size planner or Mini Happy Planner.  Its a white space spread so you can fill with decorative stickers or even stamping!  This one is all about reading, relaxing, and drinking your coffee!
(this post contains affiliate links, please read my full disclosure here.) 

I love the colors in this kit.  Purple is my favorite color (didn't you know?) and there's just the right amount in here.  The colors, coupled with the patterns really inspires me.  This is perfect for spring too...hopefully that is around the corner since we got a bunch of snow this week!


The file includes a cut file to for cutting these with your Silhouette, a PNG file for cutting with your Cricut Explore, as well as a PDF for cutting by hand or with this tool.  

.As always, these printables are for personal use only.  Do not sell this design - digital or print - or claim the work as your own.  Do not print and disseminate in mass quantities.  If you would like to share this printable with others please link to or Pin this post and not the actual file.  Thank you for playing nice.  Patterns are from Digi Tee Designs here there are also a set of journaling cards from DigiTee that will coordinate perfectly with this set.

If you'd like more Cricut Ready Stickers you can find them here.  Each Friday (for the most part) I offer free stickers, find the other Free Sticker Friday posts here.  Join my new Cricut Ready Stickers group on Facebook if you want even more free stickers to cut with your Cricut Explore.

Happy Planning!

xoxo, Moe


Trend Tuesday // The Lowdown on Shopping LuLaRoe

Hey there guys!  Today I have a really fun post for you.  If you haven't been following a long on my social media you may not know that I've fallen for LuLaRoe.  The patterns, dresses, and leggings just make my heart sing.  If you check back on some of my old style posts, you may have seen some fun & funky residing there!  

Discovering LuLaRoe has really gotten the me back into me.  Have you ever really loved a certain style and then you just grow out of it?  Maybe it's because you have a job where you're required to dress a certain way or you've just gotten in a fashion rut - LuLaRoe offers fun options to put some pep back into your wardrobe.
Today's post is an interview with Cinnamon and her husband Nathan - a LuLaRoe team out to bring colorful fashion to your mailbox.  If you're down to shop, join their VIP Group - LuLaRoe Cinnamon Little VIP Shopping!  If you're new to LuLaRoe, here's an intricate run down of what to expect from LuLaRoe and your Retailer :

About LuLaRoe & How To Shop

What is LuLaRoe? Is LuLaRoe an acroynymn?

LuLaRoe is a clothing company that was started primarily for women sizes XXS – 3XL. It is a clothing line whose emphasis is on comfortable affordable clothing, flattering to all body types. They have also expanded to children and men's styles as well.

The owner/founder of LuLaRoe, Deanne Stidham, named the company after her grandchildren, Lucy, Lola and Monroe. Each piece and style LuLaRoe manufactures is named after different family members.

How would you describe the LuLaRoe style? What makes LLR so special?
LuLaRoe's styles focus on timeless, fashion forward designs. Something that you can pull out of your closet 4 years from now and put it on because that style is still "in style"…..a classic look. What makes LLR so special is that currently there are no more than 5,000 pieces that are made with one particular print. So that print may be spread out between the Carly dress, leggings, or even a Cassie skirt. It makes each of us retailers have unique pieces in our inventory. Yes, we may carry some of the same styles as other retailers but our prints are different. These 5,000 styles are then dispersed among over 75,000 retailers throughout the United States. So if you find a particular print in the style and size that you like, you had better grab it or else you may never find that exact one again. There is no way to order a specific print in the style or size you want. We order what we need to replenish a specific style and size in our inventory. It’s just like Christmas each time we open our boxes. Different prints, patterns and materials make it fun and fresh every time.

The comfort of the clothing is unlike any other clothing I’ve tried. The fabrics are so soft and stretchy you feel like you can be in your "dress" clothing all day without being uncomfortable and anxious to get home to put on your "comfy" clothing. Each style may come in several different material mixes, and LLR is producing more and more of their own fabrics exclusive to them.

What also makes LLR unique is it is only sold via LLR consultants (retailers). There are no catalogs because the prints are changing daily and it is highly unlikely you would find a LLR pattern in a store front.

What are some quick, beginner styling tips? If someone is purchasing their first piece, what are your tips for incorporating LLR into a current wardrobe?
For someone totally new to LLR and looking for their first piece, I would ask what type of items they currently have in their closet. Do they work outside of the home where they are required to wear a certain dress code such as no jeans or leggings? This will help me determine what may be a good first piece for them to try. Also when I have an opportunity in person to be their fashion consultant, I can look at their body shape and give suggestions as to which piece they should try to flatter them the most. 

My first experience in shopping for LuLaRoe was online and I was afraid to order anything because shopping for clothing has always been a nightmare for me. I have a hard time finding anything to fit. I decided to try the Azure skirt first thinking it would be a safe bet for my body shape with its yoga waistband and A-line shape. I also thought if it didn't fit I would gift it to someone. Imagine my surprise when my package came and I ended up with a great looking skirt that fit me and fit me well! This hardly ever happens to me! I’ve had too many experiences of going to the mall taking 20 pieces into the changing room and come out with nothing!! LuLaRoe changed all of this and the amazing thing is so many styles look and fit great!

What is the size range of LuLaRoe? Will I have trouble finding something in my size? What about something for my height?
LuLaRoe carries clothing in sizes XXS - 3XL. Some of the pieces run slightly larger so we may suggest sizing down a size or two. A lot of women are surprised that they can take a smaller size or even multiple sizes in a style if they choose to style it differently. For example the Irma tunic top runs on average two sizes larger than your normal size however, if you would like to wear it longer, you can add a belt and wear it like a dress. If you have a longer torso the Irma is great for you! You may even be able to up size a couple and still wear it as a longer top to pair with leggings and have enough length to cover areas you want to be covered.

A lot of women who are taller love the LuLaRoe Maxi skirt which is specifically made with them in mind to fall around the ankles. Buying a maxi skirt in a traditional box store setting can result in disappointment because the length is not right. The yoga waistband allows you to adjust the length of the skirt, so even if you are on the shorter side you can double over the waistband to take length from the skirt so it’s not too long. I have had shorter women tell me they wouldn’t or couldn’t wear a Maxi skirt but when I insist they try one on anyway, guess what…..they end up walking out with a Maxi!

Many of the pieces can be worn several different ways. The Maxi skirt makes a great strapless dress for the summer, the Cassie skirt can double as an infinity scarf, and the Julia dress can be worn as a dress or a top. There are so many ways to style your items differently to give diversity to your wardrobe.

How do I shop? What if I don't know anyone who is hosting a pop up?
How do I shop is a common question. If you are local I always recommend coming to my house or to an in home popup. This is a great way to get your hands on the clothing, feel the different fabrics, try on all the styles and see where you fall on sizes. Like I said, some styles you can wear several different sizes. So this gives you plenty of options if you fall in love with a print and it is not available in your "normal" size. If you are not able to come to an in person popup or shop locally then there is the option to purchase online via my Facebook VIP sales group. All you need to do is ask to join my shopping group. After I approve your request, usually within minutes, you are ready to go. 

My husband and I try to make sure we have at least one booteek album sale a week and almost always on a Thursday night at 8 pm eastern. Once you have clicked on the booteek link then you can go through pictures of the actual inventory we have on hand. Our inventory changes weekly as new pieces come and we get them pictured for sale. After you claim the items you can’t live without, they are shipped to you usually with in the same day or following day once the invoice is paid. Occasionally we will also do live sales on different nights of the week. On those nights we go live on either Facebook, within my VIP group, or Periscope. I will hold up an item and give it a number. If you like it you can ask questions and then claim it by commenting sold with the corresponding number. After the live sale we simply invoice you and mail out your items after payment has been received.

What styles do you carry?  
  • Tops - Irma, Classic T, Perfect T and the Randy T. 
  • Leggings in OS / One Size fitting 0-10 and TC / Tall & Curvy fitting 12-22. 
  • Dresses - Carly, Nicole, Amelia, and the Julia. 
  • Skirts - Maxi, Azure and Cassie. 
  • The Lindsay Kimono
  • The Joy - layering longer vest. 
  • The Sarah Cardigan.

What if the item I purchase doesn't fit? Do retailers have a return or exchange policy?
If you purchase an item and it doesn’t fit simply send it back to me for an exchange. It does not have to be in the same style you originally chose. Shipping to and from is the customers responsibility.

Cinnamon goes on to explain a key question I forgot to ask - what is this you say about free clothes?
One of the fabulous things about LuLaRoe is if you would like to host a pop-up either online or in your home you can earn free clothes! This is a great way to acquire those items you love at no cost to you! I also have a loyalty club. For each purchase you make you get a card with one mark on it. Each piece you purchase receives a mark. Once you have 10 items you will receive either a free pair of leggings or $25.00 in credit towards any other item that you may like.


Now that we have the shopping out of the way, you may be wondering about the business opportunity.  Not to worry, next week Cinnamon will share the low down on getting in on the good stuff!  If you have any questions in the mean time, feel free to email her here for more info.  

Don't forget to join the Facebook group - LuLaRoe Cinnamon Little VIP - you'll be just in time for this week's album sale!  Also please follow her social media links so you'll stay up to date on all the LuLaRoe info :

Have you fallen for LuLaRoe?  Tell me your favorite piece in the comments!


Trend Tuesday // How to Save Money on Planner Stamps

Planner stamps have become my jam.  I am in love with the crisp way they look in my planner.  I can't get over it!  My favorite place to use planner stamps is in my Mini Happy Planner which has become my main planner.  Who would have thought that would happen!  I also love the way they look in the 800 memory planners I have (I haven't decided on what planner I want to use this year for memory planning....)
this post contains affliliate links, please read my full disclosure here

The whole reason I bought planner stamps is was to save money because they are reusable.  You know what happened?  I can't stop buying stamps!  These collections can get pretty pricey.  Personally I can't wait for the new MAMBI clear stamps that I saw at CHA this year!  As with everything on the blog, I really want to show you how to save money while still having fun with this hobby.  Here are 5 ways to save money on planner stamps:

You all know I love Blitsy.  Whenever I want to find something new but I'm on a budget I turn to my trusted pal Blitsy.  Their planner stamp section has planner stamps from WaffleFlower, Hero Arts, Technique Tuesday, Lawn Fawn, Prima Marketing...so many brands.  It is best to keep a close eye on the site as the stock rotates (and comes back) often.  You may miss out on something if you don't check often.  I love that shipping to the contiguous United States is free over $30 and if you sign up here you can get $10 off your first order.  Once you sign up, you can share your own referral code.  You know what that means?  Rewards for you whenever someone uses your link to make their first purchase!  So you can get more planner stamps!!

This is a brand new site I've found, a sister site to Peachy Cheap where you can find discount scrapbooking supplies.  Peachy Planner Deals offers a new deal each day - the true meaning of a flash sale site - related to planning.  I've seen two offers for stamps on the site so far so it's worth a check if you're in the market.  Sign up for their email to be notified of the deal each day too.  The stamps I've recently purchased from Peachy Planner Deals are from Chic Tags...I love them!

Amazon might not be the best deal on this list - I suggest checking the other two first - you may find some good deals on something that is sold out on a site like Blitsy.  The benefit of Amazon for me is the Prime shipping since I'm a Prime member.  An added benefit of the site is visiting the Amazon Smile site allows you to donate a portion of your eligible purchase to a charity of your choice.  So get a good deal, get your stamps in 2 days, and donate to a good cause.  Win, win, win!  Check out some planner stamps here.  There are some of the Jessica Lynn Originals stamps there that I reviewed in this video.

Facebook Groups/Instagram
Another money saving way to buy stamps is from someone destashing.  I've gotten a few Studio l2e sets from someone destashing on Instagram.  I've also found a few Facebook groups that sell off individual stamps that the seller may not need from a stamp collection.  That is great if you're not trying to buy 30 stamps on in a set when you're looking for just a few.  It takes a bit of time, negotiating, and trust...but pay through something like PayPal Goods & Services (for a small fee) so that you're protected if the seller falls through on their end!

In addition to any shop coupon codes you may find, Etsy also offers cash back through Ebates.  It is usually at 1% cash back but sometimes it will jump to 2%.  This is a great way to save a tad bit of money and buy from an independent business owner.  Etsy has so many shops to offer - I just found Starving Artist Stamps with a crazy set of clear planner icon stamps!  Do a quick Etsy search of Planner Stamps and you'll find unique sets as well has some name brand ones.

I can't get over the fact that after all the planner stamps I've purchased....I still need more!  So many planner stamps, too little time.  If you'd like to watch a few of my Planner Stamping videos, there is a playlist here on my YouTube channel.

Have you started planner stamping?  Any new planning thing you're interested in?

xox, Moe