5 DIY Gifts to Support your Best Galentine

Valentine's Day is this week!! I absolutely love February because it is all about love & expressing our love to others.  This year, I'll be focusing on giving some care to my self with a long bath & probably a good movie with a bottle of wine.  We all need a little me time.  But this Make it Monday I want to share with you some easy DIY projects that are supportive for your best Galentines!  Make something for them that will build them up and make them feel like they are awesome!!

Oh, and if you check out the bottom of this post you can in on the last minute registration for the FREE LIVE Essential Oils & Self Care class tonight!  So check that out too!

Printable Positive Affirmation Cards

Build your best gal pals up with a set of printable affirmation cards.  They can draw a card each morning and repeat it while they prepare to move through their day inspired and empowered.  This deck of 36 empowering phrases can be printed at home and assembled rather quickly.

A Handmade Mala Tied with Love & Intention

Speaking of affirmations, hand bead and tie a mantra for your galentine so that they can repeat their affirmation 108 times during a meditation.  Choose beads that you find inspiring - they don't have to be wood or crystal, just something you think they will love.  Choose the embroidery floss based on a Chakra you know your bestie is working with - red for the root chakra of groundedness & security, orange for the sacral chakra of creativity & desire, yellow for the solar plexus chakra of joy & and empowerment, green for the heart chakra of self love & gratitude, blue for the throat chakra of expression & communication, indigo for the third eye chakra of intuition & openness, or purple for the crown chakra of enlightenment & divine guidance.

An Energy Clearing Kit to get rid of any Bad Vibes

Set your gal pal up for a Spring full of good vibes with an energy clearing kit.  Include an essential oil or Palo Santo + a crystal aligned with some good juju so that she can break through anything that has been holding her back!

Custom Scented Bath Bombs

A long, refreshing bath is one of the best self care activities.  We take time to release ourselves from all other burdens to focus on our own well being.  Essential oils can help align us with the emotions we'd like to feel so we can become rejuvenated and restored.  Create a bath bomb for your gal pals that will help them feel they can reach their highest potential!

A Beautiful Journal to Keep Wonderful Thoughts

One of the best ways we can keep track of how awesome we are is to journal our thoughts.  A handmade journal using your Cricut Explore is a great way to get crafty for your BFFs.  Share a creative space where they can feel inspired & supported!

There is still time to sign up for the Essential Oils & Self Care LIVE class this evening!  Head over to the Facebook event page or register here for a FREE self care planner.  I hope to see you tonight!

How do you build up your besties?  

xoxo, Moe

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