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I have grown through my fair share of planner bags.  I started out with a tiny one and now I am at like a weekender size!  Though I tend to tone it down when I'm going to a planner meet up.......sometimes.  Planning should be something that is personal to you.  Some people use a ton of stickers and really like to collect things.  Some people only use a few colored pens and washi.  Some people use planner stamps each week.  Some people have multiple planners that they use all the time.  All of this is correct. 
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Side note: don't let anyone shame you for what you do or do not have.  You do you.  Whatever makes you happy is the planner route you should take.

Since I've grown through so many bags I thought I'd do a round up of all the types of bags I've used (and a few that I haven't) that make perfect planner bags .... for any budget!  Of course there are bags out there marketed as planner bags but the patterns & prints are limited.

The Folio

This little guy can hold a spiral planner (like an Erin Condren planner) and a few slim supplies.  If you've got a few sticker sheets, pens, and washi samples, this packs up nicely & is practical.  Carry other important document with you and slide it easily into another bag.  It's not too bulky & depending on the brand you can get different patterns & pockets.

The Purse Organizer

This is the most affordable one of these guys.  Sometimes you can find them in stores but most are under $10 on Amazon.  If you find one with handles you can use that to tote around what you need.  This is the first bag that I used and it held a lot!  I didn't have a lot back then so if you're minimal, just starting out, or need something small for just the every day essentials this is best way to go.  Not only is it affordable but you can totally find colorways and styles that match what you're looking for.  If you have a bag that you'r using as a planner bag already you can even sew you own organizer with this tutorial!

The Toiletries Bag

I love these guys for organizing planner supplies for a trip.  Since they are designed to hang over the back of the door, they are really slim but with a ton of storage.  These guys have quite a few dividers so you can organize smaller bits better.  You can stash this in another bag which gives a way to divide things up if you're using one bag for everything.  Nothing will fall to the bottom & get lost.

The Make up Bag

There are quite a few different make up bags that will work as planner bags but my favorite are the weekender style bags.  Often they have one large zipper around the bag that opens the bag into two halves.  Sometimes there's a little middle flap with extra brush storage that works great for storing pens!  These are larger, have dividing pockets, and look like small tote bags.  I like these because you can use smaller bags to divide & store your growing supply stash!  In the deeper bags you can even use that purse organizer for more pockets!

The Weekender/Yoga/Diaper Bag

This is where we get into the big momma of the planner bags.  This is when you've gone head first into the sticker books, subscription boxes, journals, & memory planners......and you need to take it all with you.  These are the bags I take on trips, to planner meet ups, and around the house when I need to plan.  They hold almost everything and make planning a breeze!  Use your other smaller bags to organize inside of these & use their built in pockets, too.  I love my French Bull Yoga Bag from Target.  I also have a bigger weekender style back that I've used as a planner stuffed carry on before.  (Fun fact : the strap broke in the airport!)  But I have been eyeing the Orla Keily Diaper Bags from Target for a while.  This is where the planner bag can get expensive.  Depending on the brand of bag you can spend $20 - $100+.  It's all up to what you're looking for in a bag.  

I love bright and fun planner bags because I can incorporate patterns that may not go with my everyday outfits.  Make up bags & the like tend to come in these amazing prints, colors, and patterns....it is hard for me to turn them down.  Every time I'm out I stroll through the make up bag aisle to see if I need a new one!

I've got two planner bag videos on my channel - this one is my original planner bag video using a deep, hanging toiletries bag & this one is the updated tour that's got a lot of different sections using some smaller bags to organize.  Let me know what you think!

Like I said, your stash is your stash.  What is important to you for planning is valid!  So if you need a bigger or a smaller bag...great.  As long as you're enjoying what you're doing!  Get creative any way you know how!

What is your current planner bag?  Have you grown through a few of them?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. that denim bag... oh i did not need, but best believe i purchased lol


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