Trend Tuesday // Weekend LuLaRoe Style

I shared my vision planner over on the YouTube channel recently and in that video I mentioned that a personal goal I had this year was to wear more LuLaRoe.  Now that is a weird goal, but I just love the style.  The clothes are very comfortable, airy, and fit my plus size body well.  This goal was set so that I would get back to a style that I love.  It is so easy to throw on something, anything just to get out of the house.  In college I had a pretty cool style (at least I think I did!) and LuLaRoe really gets me back to that.  I love patterns, layers, cardigans.....its just fun!
This is the outfit I wore up to Zach's parent's house in Michigan over Memorial Day.  One of the best part of LuLaRoe clothes is that they are super comfortable to drive in.  The trip is about 2 hours from our house, so while it's not an extended period in a car....its still long enough where jeans can become super uncomfortable.  

This Carly is a size XL.  It's not the size I started wearing in my Carly's.  I started out wearing a 2XL and thought that fit me the best but the XL I feel falls around my bust really well and creates more of a shape on me.  It's not just a sack!
We took Frank down to the pond and he was a big help with these photos.  He sniffed out a lot of things and made sure we were in the right spots.  He also advised us that it would probably rain - even though we could tell by the clouds - so we shouldn't set up the tent and camp.
I tied up the Carly in a low knot on the right side - since I wasn't wearing leggings - and paired it with a Joy.  This is a super versatile piece.  The Joy is great on it's own but I love it for layering.  I was a little hesitant to put the jean jacket on top of the whole thing but I think it's super cool.

Layers are a big thing when it comes to LuLaRoe style!  This jean jacket has been a go to for me during the spring and I can't wait to wear it into cooler Summer nights.  You can see how I style this jean jacket with other LuLa styles in this video here (learn how I roll the sleeves too!)  The Carly and the Joy were provided by Cinnamon Little of LuLaRoe Cinnamon Little VIP.  If you want to see more LuLaRoe style click here & here.  Also read about the LuLaRoe Cinnamon Little VIP group here & here.  Check out my review of the clothes here.
I had totally forgotten that I picked up the new Locket Watch from Origami Owl a while ago.  I've not be focusing on O2 too much recently but I had to share this cool look with you.  I love adding a bunch of Summery charms to this guy.  A great way to express your style!

Weekends this Summer are going to be comfy & casual but I still want to look cute.  That's why I love the patterns, textures, and layers of LuLaRoe.  The Joy is a sleeveless cardigan type thing so you can totally wear it in the summer with out getting too hot.  

What is your go to weekend style?  Any favorite looks?

xoxo, Moe

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