Trend Tuesday // Fat Girl, Crop Top

There are two things the below photos will show you - I desperately need to dye my hair and that I am wearing a crop top.  I've seen a lot of individuals I admire on Instagram and other social media outlets wear crop tops.  I mostly follow a lot of body positive and plus size fashion accounts because it is nice to be inspired by those that look like me.  After seeing quite a few of these individuals wear crop tops, I said 'you know what, I have a body...I'm going to wear a crop top'
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shirt - Meijer // duster cardigan - Amazon
maxi skirt - handmade (similar) // boots - Acredale Saddlery
choker - Moodology collection from Origami Owl

I've been obsessed with sewing for like a very long minute and made this flowy maxi skirt.  So far I've sewn a few t-shirt dresses, 2 shirts, and this maxi.  The steam is running out right now but I have so much fabric that I need to make more, more, more!  Adding a few more shirts and a few more maxi skirts is on my to sew list.  I love the fit of this maxi - I made the pattern from a maxin I already had from Meijer (I believe) but extended the hem a little more so I could wear it higher up on my waist.  I wasn't anticipating the crop top action, but this works perfectly!
This was the first semi nice (weekend) day that I wore this outfit.  I had a planner meet up to head to with Monique from Many Sides to Me, and then Zach and I went on a little date to one of our favorite restaurants.  I felt super empowered wearing something slightly out of my comfort zone.  I would wear this whole outfit - minus the crop top - on a regular day so the pattern, the layering, etc is really my style.  Adding the crop top made me feel fierce!

If you're unsure about wearing a new style try to pair it with something you fee more comfortable in.  Don't go all out the first time...that's what wearing a crop top has taught me!
I plan to rock this style - plus a bikini if I can find a top I like - this Spring and Summer.  Don't let anything hold you back!  I'm going to pull from one of my favorite drag queens, Latrice Royale - Wear the crop top.  Look sick'ning. Make them eat it!

What fashion trend are you stepping out to rock this summer?  

xoxo, Moe


  1. WoW your dress is good and your blog is very good. Your sewing style is good and your blogging style is good. Keep sharing and posting


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