Boost your Blog // How to Gain Respect (as a Blogger)

I originally titled this 'How to get people to like you (as a blogger)' - while that's super click-baity, I realized it's not that great for SEO!  In today's post I'm going to share with you how to be liked as a blogger in three easy steps.  Why?  Because there's no secret to it.  You're probably already like this in your everyday life and people - your family, friends, strangers in Starbucks - already probably like you for it.  This isn't just about a popularity contest - this is about building a relationship with your readers.  How to get readers to trust you, believe you, and see you as an authority in your niche.  We can all write blog posts about anything - but how can be we be seen as that blogger for something specific?
Gain Respect as a Blogger

Be Honest

First and foremost, be an honest person.  Share your experiences, honestly.  Share reviews, honestly.  Don't sell your self out to being paid for good or positive content.  You friends probably appreciate your truth to them, so give that much to your readers.  One thing that I've learned in my blogging journey is to say no to opportunities more than I say yes.  There are quite a few sponsor opportunities that I know I wouldn't be able to fulfill honestly.  I could do them.  I could make the post.  I could meet the requirements....but I wouldn't be proud of the content.  It has taken me a long while to realize that just because I can write a post doesn't mean I should.  Present to your readers in the way you'd discuss something with your friends.  If you wouldn't be able to casually talk about the topic with your friends.....you might not be able to easily create a blog post where your language seems casual and normal in comparison to your other posts.

Be Knowledgeable

You've probably started a blog because you want to talk about something you know about.  Great!  That's a good start.  Keep that in mind as you move through the life of your blog.  You may find yourself wanting to fit in and talk about a certain topic.  Are you knowledgeable in that topic?  If not, and you want to be, share your learning journey.  You readers will appreciate reading about how you learned what you know, some tips and tricks from a current learner, and reasons to star this certain topic from a seasoned pro.  However, if you think posting on a certain topic is an easy way gain page views and popularity while you're not really into putting in the work to learn more about the topic - consider generating posts on another topic you're passionate about.  Readers want to know inside tips, tricks, and personal experience.  Regurgitating facts can only go so far.  Don't be the click bait with no follow through.

Be Genuine

This is different than being honest.  Being honest is being free of deceit, while being genuine is being fully and completely yourself.   Don't sugar coat your life and perpetuate the notion that all bloggers have beautifully styled lives, because (honestly) that breeds jealousy.  Be a real person, with real flaws, and real messes.  Be a relate-able person with real experiences and opinions that correlate with your personal beliefs.  I find it incredibly hard to balance a persona different than mine so I choose to be the real me online and cultivate relationships that way.

These are the three things I strive to achieve in every post and these are traits that I like in other bloggers.  I strive to be the truest me....so I think you should strive to be the truest you.

There's not secret to being liked - be a good person, be just, and be honest.  It works online and off.  If you want to read more blog tips - both practical & unconventional - check them all out here.  Looking for a genuine place to hang out with fellow creatives?  Join the Five Sixteenths | Live Creatively Facebook group!

xoxo, Moe

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