Trend Tuesday // Planner Lust

The other day I found four extra Color Crush binders in our spare room.  They were set up in this little background vignette I was going to film in front of.  So I took them down, walked out of the room and headed over to my planner shelf...*ahem shelves*.  Then I looked at Zach and said "I need to fit these four planners....and I don't know how we got here'.  

So what else do I do?  Lust after more planners.  Done.  Here are planners I 100% need in my life.  Here we go:

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Grape Simple Stories Carpe Diem A5 Planner Binder

image via Scrabook.com
Purple? Check.  Great quality? Check.  (Watch my review of the new style of Simple Stories Carpe Diem planners here.)  Fits my newly rediscovered memory planner? Check.  I just love the Carpe Diem planners - and this purple one tops the charts.  Plus, this one doesn't have the window pocket.  I'm not a fan of those.  This layout is features on the Scrapbook.com website and uses the Emoji Love Collection.  I 100% need that too.  Shop the layout here.  You can also find the new Carpe Diem collections on Blitsy, here.

Discagenda Constellations Cover, Personal Size, Snap Closure

image via dokibook.com
Half the problem of all the planners is that I now use a Mini Happy Planner and there are only a few binder covers for this planner.  Enter the Discagenda covers from DokiBook.  Oh. Em. Geeee!  I hear the personal size Discagenda cover fits the Mini Happy Planner and this one with the constellations....it's over with.  Cue happy dance.  Bye, bye $26.50.  Hello happiness.  Not a fan of the Mini HP?  Boom - ring bound in A5 and personal.  Done, you're welcome.

Webster's Pages A5 Faux Leather Composition Planner

image via Blitsy
The last thing I need to do is start something new....like the Bullet Journal.  I am really interested in all the beautiful spreads.  And I'd probably use it more like a journal than a planner.  But the last thing I need is a new planner system.  The thing I love about the Composition Planner though is that it can fit multiple composition books.  I really do want to try out the composition books to see if the paper quality is anything like the traveler's notebooks.  That paper is very nice.  This planner would be great to carry multiple subjects for school too.

Webster's Pages Color Crush Navy Floral Travelers' Notebook Planner

image via Blitsy
I already love my mint floral traveler's notebook, so why not add the Navy Floral into the mix.  These notebooks are great for journaling.  I love that I can have multiple journals in the notebook.  A great way to be creative on the go.

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So, there are four new planners that I need to find room for on my shelf.  Don't be surprised if you see a new planner review on my YouTube channel in the near future.  I sure do hope it's the Discagenda Cover!

Are you lusting after any new planners?  Any new planner accessories? Any new planners I should know about?

xoxo, Moe


  1. Oh my that dokibook is so beautiful! I'm so sad that it's not real leather :(

    Heidi | Heidi's Planner

  2. I have a classic happy planner and was wondering if you knew anywhere I can get a cover like the disagenda one. Please and thank you. I'm desperate.


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